Welcome To 7th Grade Math 2019-2020

Tutoring: Tuesdays from 8:10-8:40; Can also retake quizzes during this time, if they let me know 24 hours in advance which one they wish to retake. 

Reminder: Students can turn in assignments even past due date for reduced credit. Please remember that late credit is better than NO credit and completing the assignment is the practice YOU NEED!  



Monday: Mini review volume and surface area, introduction to Cross Sections

Tuesday: Cross sections

Wednesday: Unit 4 review

Thursday: Unit 4 review

Friday: Unit 4 (Geometry) Post test


Students should ALWAYS ask for the master notebook to copy notes missed due to missing school!!! Notebooks are VERY important to student success in Math class! Remember to get a new notebook if you are running out of space and keep bringing your old notebook to class everyday! 

For additional practice with any concept visit http://www.ixl.com , you can complete 10 practice problems per day for free!