Math Counts information

I have attached the information for the state level competition for Math counts. Thank you to those ten students who competed at the event on Saturday.

If you were told that you were advancing to state, you received the information last Saturday. I am attaching a copy, in case you need it for reference.

2020 Georgia MATHCOUNTS State Competition Schedule

State MATHCOUNTS Parent Letter 2020

Please let me know if you have any questions!
Mrs. Flint


Last Cobb County Math competition is on March 23rd

Good morning,

Our final Cobb County math competition will take place Monday March 23rd. Please sign up on the attached forms if you plan to attend. The forms sign up will close on March 16th.

We will be providing a bus for this competition. I will post a forms sign up for that at a later date, once the bus is secured.  It will be first come, first serve. The location will be Harrison High School.

Link to Harrison High School:

Link to sign up for competition:


Link if you want to ride the bus to and from the competition. The bus can hold 45. The first 45 to sign up, will get spots. You must also sign up for the competition on the forms above.  Those who get on the bus will be provided pizza and snacks before we go to the competition since they will not be able to leave school after dismissal. We will meet in Mrs. Flint’s room to eat before getting on the bus.

Thank you!!


Mrs. Flint

Math Counts 2020

To all Math Counts participants:


This Saturday is our first round of competition for Math Counts. Please read all the attachments below and be on time.

The location is Marietta High School.

Here are the links:

Agenda_for Competitors – Logos

Final Letter to Participating Schools (002) 2020

Please read all attachments carefully!!

You should arrive at Marietta High School by 8:00 am on Saturday February 8th. I will be there to greet you!!

Email me if you have any questions.

Looking forward to seeing all of you there!

Good luck!

Mrs. Flint

January 27, 2020


Don’t forget to wear your math team t-shirt tonight if you purchased one!!! There will be a contest and a winner!! We want that to be us!! The math folks from the county want to take pictures tonight as well with all of us in our shirts!!

I know the math teachers have theirs on!!

See you tonight!

Mrs. Flint

Monday January 27, 2020

Math competition tonight at Wheeler High School

If your student signed up on the forms attached several weeks ago, I have their name on the registration.

I will attach the excel that has the names listed.

Cobb County Math Competition Wheeler High School January 27, 2020(1-32)

Since the competition is at Wheeler High School and is in our area of east cobb, we will not be taking a bus. Parents/Guardians are responsible for drop off and pick up. Please have your students there by 5:30 or as close as possible. I will be coming straight from school and know how traffic can be. Do your best! I will too!

Wheeler High School’s site is below. It contains phone numbers, address, and directions.

I look forward to seeing everyone tonight!

Best regards,

Tara Flint

MathCounts 2020

Hello Math Count participants!

Please find below the information for the upcoming Math Counts competition. Let me know if you have any questions.

These are the students who will be competing as team members

Kyan Nguyen

Ethan Ju

Matthew Song

Sean Jiao

These are the students who will be competing as individuals

Nikhil Bhagwat

Ayush Pawar

Vardini Monikadan

Paarth Rathore

Vipul Bansal

Sreshta Gadiparthy


Competition information: Please be to Marietta High School on February 8th by 7:45

Agenda_for Competitors – Logos


I am looking forward to seeing you there! Don’t forget the resources available on the math team site at the top of the blog to help you prepare for this event.

Mrs. Flint

Cobb County Math competition January 27, 2020

Good afternoon,

Please find attached the sign up form for January’s math competition.  Please make sure you get signed up before January 21st, 2020.  The sign up will be taken down at midnight on the 21st.  I need your name to register you at the county level.


Thank you!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mrs. Flint

Mathcounts December 6, 2019

Good afternoon,

One of the contestants for mathcounts has dropped out so the opening is available to the next highest score at the Cobb County Math competition which is Sreshta Gadiparthy.

Please come see me if you are interested in participating!


Best regards,

Mrs. Flint


Thursday November 14, 2019- Math counts

Math counts

Dickerson competes in a national math competition every year. We can only take 10 students. Four will complete individually and 6 will compete on a team.

Based on the scores from the Cobb County math competition our top 10 are:

  1. Matthew Song
  2. Kyan Nguyen
  3. Ethan Ju
  4. Nikhil Bhagwat
  5. Carl Dagher
  6. Sean Jiao
  7. Ayush Pawar
  8. Vardini Monikadan
  9. Paarth Rathore
  10. Vipul Bansal


If you are on the list and would like to compete please come see Mrs. Flint. There is a $35 entry fee per student that you can bring to me and fill out a payment envelope. I will give you a permission form for your parents to fill out.

The actual dates have not been released and won’t be released until the beginning of January. As soon as I am informed I will immediately reach out and communicate the information!!!

Please see below a link that you can use to research more about the mathcounts competition.  If you are unable to participate I will move to the next person with the highest score.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me

I have also attached a link below for mathcounts training. There is an app as well in which you can compete against each other if you both download.

All math students can use this site as well as the app!! Please feel free to do so to practice your skills.

Mathcounts link:

Have a great rest of the week!!

Mrs. Flint