Welcome to English for Speakers of Other Languages-ESOL

Welcome to ESOL

English for Speakers of Other Languages

Our ESOL Program is designed to help students attain their full social and academic potential within the American school culture. We are committed to developing our students’ communicative confidence and skills in the four main areas of language usage: listening, speaking, reading and writing. We support an optimal learning environment for all of our students as they become integral members of our community.

It has been proven that the more proficient children are in their native language, the more success they’ll have acquiring another target language which, in this case, is English. One’s native language, and accent, is a big part of one’s identity. Those should not be discarded; instead, they should be embraced and celebrated!

According to cognitive neuroscientist, Ellen Bialystock, the evidence is in the BRAIN!  Having our families maintain their native language at home is important!

Parents, please let Ms. Agnew know if you would like to have an interpreter with you at any school event. I will need at least a week notice to arrange one for you. Just email me, [email protected]


Presented by the East Side PTA
English conversation class for adults have begun. This is free to all PTA members.

Send questions to Julia French at [email protected]