November 11th

  • Students are completing research on the different eukaryotic cell organelles in the computer lab.
  • Use the following links to fill out the research chart:
  • Cells Alive 
  • The Virtual Cell-The Virtual Cell is an online Cell Biology textbook. It provides students with an interactive journey through the cell
  • Animal Cell Interactive-Explore an animal cell.
  • Animal Cells-The schematic represents an idealized animal cell, e.g., a liver cell. The columns to the left and right of the labels contain links to discussions of the particular structures.
  • Cell Overview-An overview of plant and animal cells.
  • Drag and Drop Cell Organelles-Test your knowledge of the cell by matching each structure with it’s function by dragging the organelles to their proper spaces.
  • Cell Organelle Handout
  • Homework: Complete Cell Research if not completed in class.
  • Extra time in class may be used to study organelles on Quizlet.

November 10th

  • Students are taking notes from the Cells episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy.
  • Remaining time will be used to start working on Chapter 3 Review Questions.
  • Students are working on questions #1-11, which cover Section 1.
  • Homework: Complete Chapter 3 Section 1 Review questions if not completed in class.