August 17th

  • Students will start class with an activity that test’s their ability to follow directions.
  • They will then take cloze notes over a cells video.
  • Remaining time will be used to begin labeling the organelles of plant and animal cells.
  • Homework: Complete Plant and Animal Organelle Labeling and Questions Handout.

August 16th

  • Students are completing research on the different eukaryotic cell organelles in the computer lab.
  • Use the following links to fill out the research chart:
  • Cells Alive 
  • The Virtual Cell-The Virtual Cell is an online Cell Biology textbook. It provides students with an interactive journey through the cell
  • Animal Cell Interactive-Explore an animal cell.
  • Animal Cells-The schematic represents an idealized animal cell, e.g., a liver cell. The columns to the left and right of the labels contain links to discussions of the particular structures.
  • Drag and Drop Cell Organelles-Test your knowledge of the cell by matching each structure with it’s function by dragging the organelles to their proper spaces.
  • Cell Organelle Handout
  • Homework: Complete Cell Research if not completed in class.
  • Extra time in class may be used to study organelles on Quizlet.

August 15th

  • Students are reading and working on pages 99-108 in the book today, covering cell structures.
  • They are to complete questions #1-26.
  • Homework: Complete book questions if not completed in class. See last week’s post post for online log in information.

August 14th

  • Students are completing questions #1-17 of their Characteristics of Living Things and Cell Structure questions. Page numbers are provided on the handout. Students must either copy the question and answer it on their own paper or they will write the question and answer in the form of a complete sentence. We will complete remaining questions another day.
  • Homework: Complete questions #1-17 if not completed in class.
  • Today’s Review Questions: Questions for 2018 (characteristics of life and cell structure)

August 13th

  • Students are finishing their notes over cell theory today.
  • We will then begin our notes over Prokaryotes and Eukayotes.
  • Remaining time in class will be used to complete a graphic organizer comparing and contrasting the characteristics of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. Use page 85 in the book as an additional reference.
  • Homework: Complete T-chart graphic organizer if not completed in class.
  • Today’s Video: Amoeba Sisters: Prokaryotic vs. Eukaryotic Cells
  • Today’s Notes: Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes
  • Additional Help: Khan Academy

August 9th

  • Students are taking a pre-test over cell structures and theory today.
  • Remaining time in class will be used to begin reading pages 78-83 in the textbook and answering questions #1-10. Students will also define and illustrate any vocab terms in the book that are bold and highlighted.
  • Homework: Complete questions #1-10 if not completed in class.
  • See yesterday’s post for online textbook login information.

August 8th

  • We are reading pages 4-12 in class today, identifying the six characteristics of living things.
  • Students will be answering questions #1-19 throughout the reading.
  • Here is the temporary login information to the online textbook:
  • Online Textbook
  • State: EVALUATOR
  • District: Science K-8-91001060
  • Username: EvalStudent43_91001061
  • Password: E!11jfm8hu52
  • Use the arrow in the top left hand corner to find the Grade 7 version of the textbook.

Today’s Video: Amoeba Sisters: Characteristics of Life

August 7th

  • Students are taking a quiz over Lab Safety and Scientific Method today.
  • Remaining time in class will be used to work on the Simpsons Scientific Method handout.
  • Homework: Complete Simpsons Scientific Method handout if not completed in class.