Cycles Test Study Tools

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February 10th

  • Students took the Cycles Vocab Quiz today.
  • With remaining time, they began working on their rough drafts of the Cycles Choice Project. They may create a comic strip or a children’s book that illustrates either the carbon cycle or the nitrogen cycle. They will have all of tomorrow’s class period to work on the final draft.
  • Homework: Complete the Cycles Study Guide
  • Cycles Test this Thursday!

Dickerson Dash Info

This year’s Dickerson Dash 5K will be held Friday, March 13, at 7:45 pm.¬†¬†

This year’s theme is Zombie Run.¬† Runners can expect to be splashed with red color powder¬†along the race and can even purchase red color packets to throw on themselves or friends.¬† Watch out!¬† There may be some zombie sightings along the race course too!¬† Community sponsors will have tents set up on campus and may have swag and coupons to pick up.¬† Participants may choose to dress as a human or a zombie!¬†¬†


(The color powders are high quality and safe.  All FDA food grade and biodegradable ingredients are used. The powders are certified cosmetics in Europe (safe for skin), certified non-dust explosive in the USA and Europe, and safe for the environment.) 

Packet Pick Up is scheduled for Sunday, March 8 from 1 pm Р5 pm at Road Runner Sports East Cobb.  Pick up your packet there, and Road Runner Sports will donate $1.25 per packet back to the school!

February 5th

  • Students played the Carbon Cycle board game today. We saw all of the different ways that carbon can travel on Earth.
  • Homework: Complete Carbon Cycle game summary if not completed in class. If you did not fill in all of the stations, summarize what you did complete.
  • Reminder: Cycles Vocab Quiz next Monday!
  • Cycles Quizlet

February 4th

  • Students took a journey through the Nitrogen Cycle today in the Nitrogen Cycle Passport Game.
  • We saw all of the different combinations of paths that Nitrogen can take in the cycle.
  • Homework: Complete the Nitrogen Cycle Passport handout if not completed in class.
  • Cycles Vocab Quiz next Monday!
  • BrainPOP: Nitrogen Cycle