• All students marked present in ASP roll call will be charged the daily fee of $7.00.
  • If a student signs into ASP and is picked up after the FACT Program, the student will be charged the daily fee of $7.00.
  • If a parent/guardian plans to pick up the student in carpool after the FACT Program, parents should send a transportation change noting that the student should NOT attend ASP first. ┬áThis is ONLY APPLICABLE for FACT programs that begin at 2:20 and 2:30.


  • If the parent/guardian is late in picking up their student from the FACT program, their student will be enrolled in ASP and charged a daily fee of $7.00 regardless of the amount of time the student has spend in ASP due to a late pickup.
  • If a student in the FACT program is enrolled in ASP and is not registered in ASP, the registration form must be filled out at the time of pickup and the registration fee of $10 must be paid.
  • Late pickups will require the parent/guardian to walk in and sign their student out of ASP on the ASP attendance form.

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