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LEGO Building Competition



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OSMO – the “T” in STEM


EV students love practicing the Technology part of STEM in the STEM Lab! They get to have fun while increasing their problem solving and spatial reasoning skills as well as improving on their hand-eye coordination!

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NASA -All female spacewalk


5th graders cheered on two female NASA astronauts as they completed their first spacewalk live on NASA TV during STEM Lab on Friday!

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Fall Festival CANCELLED due to weather- rescheduled for April 25th



Mr. Slade and I are are very excited about this weekend’s Fall Festival here at Eastvalley! Mr. Slade has some exciting science experiments/demos planned and we have some great science/STEM related centers for students to participate in! We will have – Creepy Spiders,  Solar Bracelets, Sparkling Suns and a STEM Challenge to build the tallest pumpkin stand that can support a baby pumpkin. 

Come out and enjoy the fun and remember to support our amazing Foundation who makes all of this possible with your EEC donations! 


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World Space Week and NASA


Over the last couple of weeks,  in honor of “World Space Week,” 2nd-5th grade students watched a new program by NASA called #AskNASA.  They were encouraged to develop their own questions for NASA that will be submitted on the Eastvalley STEM Lab twitter account in the next few days. They learned from NASA Chief Scientist, Jim Green, about our next mission to the moon and why we are going. They saw a prototype of the Mars rover, “Curiosity” that is currently recording data about about Mars and were encouraged to participate in the essay writing contest to name the next Mars Rover going into space. Finally, they discovered how NASA astronauts do everyday tasks while living in outer space on the International Space Station.  Follow the links below for more information.

The “Mars 2020 ‘Name the Rover’ Challenge” is underway and K-12 entries are being accepted until November 1, 2019. The winning entry will become the rover name…and a part of space history! Students and teachers can sign up now! Click the link below for more details.

How it Works – The International Space Station



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Eastvalley Parents

You are invited to learn more about

Cobb County’s Gifted Eligibility Process

(Advanced Learning Program)


Presented by Jill OMeara and Liz Urbano

Friday, October 11, 2019

8:15-9:15 a.m.

Eastvalley Media Center

 *Please sign in at the front office. 

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1st Quarter in the STEM Lab!


We are off to a great start in the EV STEM Lab. Here’s a quick look at what students are doing…






KindergartenStandard SKP1 (b)- Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to describe objects in terms of materials they are made of and their physical attributes. Students will use their senses to classify common objects according to their physical attributes (color, size, shape, weight, and texture). Students work in teams to classify various items (solids, liquids, and gases) by their physical attributes. Later they will use what they have learned to make predictions and test various solid materials to see which items will sink or float.

1st GradeStandard S1E1 (a., c.)- Obtain, evaluate, and communicate weather data to identify weather patterns. Students will plan and carry out investigations on current weather conditions by observing and measuring using simple weather tools (thermometer, rain gauge, and wind vane). They will use some the weather tools (rain gauge and wind vain) that they have created, to collect weather data in their journals over a 4 week time period.

2nd GradeStandard S2P1- Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information about the properties of matter and changes that occur in objects. Students will provide evidence from observations to construct an explanation that some changes in matter caused by heating or cooling can be reversed and some changes are irreversible. (changes in water – heating or freezing). After testing surfaces to observe which ones absorb heat and/or repel heat students will design and create two structures. One that heats/melts ice the quickest and one that preserves ice/melts ice more slowly.

3rd GradeStandard S3E1 – Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information about the physical attributes of rocks and soils. After investigating rocks and minerals and their physical attributes, students will create (engineer) a mineral display case to showcase the physical attributes of a mineral they have selected.  They will measure and calculate the area of their display.

4th GradeStandard S4E2 – Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to model the effects of the position & motion of the earth and the moon in relation to the sun as observed from earth. Students will create an interactive models of the sun, earth and moon relationship (position and motion) to demonstrate the phases of the moon. Once completed, students will communicate their protypes to the class.

5th Grade – Standard S5E1 (b., c) – Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to identify surface features on the earth caused by constructive and/or destructive processes. Students will use their research to engineer a model of a building/structure that will withstand the forces of an earthquake. They will test their designs on a shake table.

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DOLL-E 1.0 Author/Illustrator


Author Shanda McCloskey will be visiting Eastvalley on May 15 to present her book DOLL-E 1.o to K-2 students. We are very excited to have her visit us. She will be available to sign books for students who bring their own copy to the event. Her book is available for purchase online at Amazon and in local book stores. 

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Boxes needed – Shoe and Cereal!


Welcome back EV students! I hope everyone had a relaxing break. If you happen to have any boxes (especially shoe boxes and cereal boxes) left over from the holidays…please send them in to the STEM Lab. Thank you!


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