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The latest Virtual STEM projects!


Theerdha has done a STEMtastic job on her STEM challenges! Look at her amazing geodes! Wow! She even did three different kinds!

Theerdha created a nice STEM toolbox that is creative and packed full of STEM tools! Way to go Theerdha!










Kingston’s wind sock is definitely going to help Curious George land his plane! Way to go Kingston! Your windsock is STEMtastic!

Kingston knows how important his STEM journal is. Look at his great example of planning his windsock in his journal!












WOW! Check out Jack’s STEMtastic Moon Phase model! This is super fancy and amazing! He even sent a video showing how his model works by moving the moon around the earth to show the phases! Way to go Jack!

This is a closer look at Jack’s model. I love the astronaut too!










Jack’s latest model shows the earth revolving around the sun every 365 days to create our seasons! I love his details! Way to go Jack!












Bella’s geode is amazing! Way to go Bella! The details of your geode are STEMtastic!











Evan did a STEMtastic job on his wind vane! He is even testing it outside! Great job Evan!

Evan did a great job on planning his wind vane in his STEM journal! STEMerrific Evan!





Catalaya did a STEMtastic job on her rain gauge! Way to go Catalaya!

She also created a really cool STEM toolbox with a handle! That will really come in handy! Great work Catalaya!

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