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London has been very busy! This is one of her AWESOME weather tools used to collect data about rainfall! Can you guess what it is? That’s right, its a rain gauge! Way to go London!

London also created a fabulous wind vane! I absolutely love her use of materials. Finding materials that are around us in nature provides a more authentic experience. Way to go London!













Savannah, an EV 5th grader, created a model of erosion occurring from a mountain to show an example of a destructive force. Way to go Savannah – this is a great model!










Alanna, a 5th grader, created a model of a volcano and an island to show an example of a constructive force. As the lava cools from the active volcano it forms a new piece of land – an island. Great work Alanna!

Alanna also created a model of a destructive force – erosion. She planned it out in her journal and then made it come to life in her 3-D model. The water in her model looks like it is really moving! Great job Alanna!













Brian, a 5th grader, created a swamp as a model of a constructive force. Did you know that the Okefenokee swamp was formed by destructive and constructive forces? The coastal plains region of GA used to be under water. Over time, sediment filled the water and it became a swamp.

Brian put a lot of details in his swamp. Look at the finely cut swamp grass, lily pads and Cypress trees. Also, the green peat-filled water. Great job Brian!











Nicholas created his model of a mountain to show an example of a constructive force! His model is very broad and shows destructive forces too! I love how he labeled all of his areas to show the land forms around the mountain as well. This is an excellent model! Way to go Nicolas!

William, a 5th grader, used multiple materials to create a model of an island to show constructive forces. It is very easy to read with his use of colors. STEMtastic job William!

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