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Maria did a fantastic job with her geode! It looks amazing! She wrote the steps in her journal and followed the EDP! Way to go Maria!

Maria did a great job planning out her rock candy challenge. She followed all of the steps, but the crystals didn’t form on the stick. Things don’t always go as planned in science! The important thing is that she was thinking about what could have happened and then, if time allowed, she would try again! Great perseverance Maria!

















Reagan created a model of before and after a volcanic eruption and showed the constructive and destructive forces that happened as a result. STEMtastic job Reagan!








Savannah really put hard work into her toolbox! She planned out and created each side! Way to go Savannah!


















Savannah created a model of a volcanic eruption that is an example of both constructive and destructive forces. She did a great job of showing the eruption and how the lava eventually hardened to form a new piece of land. Awesome work Savannah!

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