STEM Lab – Ms. Branham

Eastvalley Elementary STEM

5th Grade

5th graders are presented with the most complex of challenges because of their age and grade, but often, the most difficult thing for them to master in STEM is the mindset. By 5th grade, many students have already formed their habits in regard to problem solving – they equate success with having the “right” answer. It takes them a while to reform the way they problem solve – eventually allowing themselves to be more creative, out of the box, risk takers. They are less likely to take risks at this age, than when they were younger, so it can be a real challenge for them. In the STEM Lab, they learn that there is no such thing as failure! There is only an opportunity to rethink your solution and try again (by improving your design) until we run out of time. This helps them let go and imagine amazing things! The pics below show 5th graders creating structures that could withstand the force of an earthquake. They planned, created, tested and improved their designs.

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