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Virtual STEM Learning


Brian, a 5th grader, created a shake table to simulate an earthquake. Then, he tested his structure on it to see how stable it was. Great work Brian!







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Check out the latest virtual STEM projects!


Kinston, an EV 1st grader, has been very busy!

Check out this cool STEM Toolbox! He gave it fish scales! Very creative Kingston!








Kingston also created his wind vane to see which direction the wind was blowing.


Kingston knows what STEM stands for and why its important! Just look at his journal for proof!


Azul has created a very nice toolbox! She has placed all of her tools in it and is ready for STEM!

WOW! This is an awesome wind vane that Azul created! I think shes ready to test it outside!

STEM can be messy, but it’s worth it when you have completed your new challenge! Just ask Azul! She has an awesome work station!



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Virtual STEM


Our virtual STEM Lab is off to a great start!

Look at what these STEMtastic students have been doing!

Wow! Lilly created a very functional toolbox with many compartments. Way to go Lilly! She even sent me a great video explaining all of her tools!

Julie created a beautiful STEM toolbox with shelves and doors! It has a lot of nice details. I love it Julie!












Araina did a great job writing the answers to her STEM review in her journal! She also created her weather instrument – a wind vane. Wow! It’s AWESOME Araina!












Check out this very cool Rock and Mineral Display that Aiden created. It explains the physical attributes of rocks that Aiden found in his yard. Way to go Aiden! This is terrific!

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Aquarium Love Stories – GA Aquarium


Enjoy some videos from the GA Aquarium today! They have many, but the “love stories” are some of my favorites!



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Jelly Fish out of recycled materials


Hi there! I hope you enjoyed today’s read aloud of “THERE WAS AN OLD LADY WHO SWALLOWED A SHELL!” by Lucille Colandro. I am adding a link below with a video of how to make your recycled jellyfish that I made today. Remember – it’s your jelly, so you can make it how you want! 🙂 Also, try drawing some nice beach pictures to share next Tuesday!


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Smithsonian Institute Learning Resources


The Smithsonian Science Education Center has developed the following STEM resources to support “Distance Learning” needs for students in grades K-8.


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GA 4-H Centers


Explore some live and recorded sessions from the GA 4-H Centers entitled, “From the Mountains to the Sea.” You will get to learn about different environments and the animals that live there.

From The Mountains To The Sea Archive


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Online NASA Activities


Hubble Inspires | Online Activities

Hubble Online Activities Banner

Click on the link below to explore some NASA online activities!


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Virtual Museum Field Trip Friday


Every Friday you can take a virtual field trip of Atlanta’s best attractions!

Just click here:


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Art Contest


See message from Mrs. Johnson…

Art Contest!

How would you like for your original artwork to be on the cover of next year’s agendas?

  • Draw and color a picture that encourages and reflects The 7 Habits of Happy Kids.
    • Habit 1-Be Proactive
    • Habit 2-Begin with the End in Mind
    • Habit 3-Put First Things First
    • Habit 4-Think Win-Win
    • Habit 5-Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood
    • Habit 6-Synergize
    • Habit 7-Sharpen the Saw
  • Send a photograph or scan of your work to our art teacher:

There will be two winners; one for grades k-2 and one for grades 3-5!

Deadline to enter is May 5th!

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