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The Eastvalley STEM Lab is in its second year of operation. I am very excited to be a part of this initiative that is spreading across the schools of Cobb County, Georgia and the U.S.A. STEM careers will make up a very large percentage of the workforce in the future and we want our students to be well prepared for this shift. Here’s a little information about STEM and why we do it.

What is STEM and why is it important to our students?

Click on these links to find out.

Georgia Dept. of Ed

Cobb County


US Dept. of Education

Engineering for Kids

How is STEM taught at Eastvalley?

Students come to the STEM Lab with their class on a 7 day rotation. They spend 45 minutes in the lab during each visit.

A typical STEM Lesson – after learning about STEM and the steps of the Engineering Design Process, students engage in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) lessons that are connected to their grade level specific  curriculum. Each lesson involves at least two components of  STEM. We review and research a problem – usually connected to something they are learning about in science. Then, students are presented with a challenge that they break into teams to solve. In order to solve the problem – they go through the Engineering Design Process to come up with a solution for the problem/challenge they were presented with. They use their STEM journals in multiple ways; to brainstorm solutions, to plan, as a reference for creating, and finally to reflect and document improvements.

These are the steps of the EDP – Engineering Design Process that we use.

1. ASK





6. Communicate (when possible)

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