October is the Month for TECHNOLOGY!

Why is October the Month for TECHNOLOGY? Because we’re all in this together and need technology to make learning possible right now. Also, October is the month that the MBES Foundation, the organization that funds Mount Bethel’s extra technology and tech-related staff and trainings, has their Patron Drive.

We’ve all felt the joy and pain of technology over the past few months as we’ve transitioned quickly to virtual, then hybrid learning models. Helping teachers and families navigate this difficult time has been the highlight of my job. That’s why I’m inviting you to celebrate the rest of October with me, your new technology helper!

But first, a little about me: I started at Mount Bethel in July 2020 as the new Foundation-funded Technology Coordinator. What have I learned so far? 2020 might not be the easiest year to have the word ‘TECHNOLOGY’ in your job title… That said, I’m not one to seek out ‘easy’. Instead, I like to make tasks easier for others, and I love a challenge!! Troubleshooting and problem solving are two of my favorite activities.

I start most of my days helping a teacher or parent with tech issues: a monitor won’t connect, the sound isn’t coming out of the interactive board, my child can’t get into [CTLS, Clever, Zoom, etc.], or my student can’t see an assignment. Solving the problem as quickly as possible is my primary goal, so teachers can get back to teaching, students can get back to learning, and parents can get back to their lives, too. 

In the spirit of Technology month, here are some online resources you may find helpful:

Managing the physical devices and our computer labs at Mount Bethel is also part of my job. As you know, we have hundreds of devices – iPads, laptops, desktops, etc. I keep track of all devices and make sure they are updated and ready to go when needed. What you may not know: most schools do not have the benefit of a dedicated person onsite to handle these tasks. Your support of your MBES Foundation helps make this dream a reality, directly impacting your child’s ability to maximize his/her learning – either virtual or F2F.

Thanks to your donations, Foundation has supported numerous mission-critical initiatives – from trainings to equipment to staff to an amazing turf field to ANYTHING that helps enrich, empower, and excel our Mount Bethel students!

In fact, our MBES Foundation only asks for donations ONE time a year – in October! – so please consider donating. I assure you there are MANY ways your child will benefit from your donation. CLICK HERE to donate. That way when you need technology help, you can be sure that Mt Bethel has the support of eager resources like me here to help make your life easier.

Thank you!

Welcome Back!

Looking for ways to enhance your child’s learning as we start the new school year? In addition to the fantastic resources teachers will be utilizing, such as DreamBox, Raz Kids, Freckle, Sora, and Cobb Digital Library, many other educational websites are available to boost learning and improve computer skills.

Below are some fun, educational sites curated for our Mt. Bethel students (Thanks Carolyn!). Please note that some of the websites and apps below may require a subscription or small fee, but most are free!

And if you’re looking for apps, here are several that check the “fun” and “educational” boxes. Links are mostly to the Apple App Store, but several are also on Google Play:

Adaptive Learning: Khan Academy Kids

Geography: Stack the Countries and Stack the States

Coding: Tynker, codeSpark Academy, Scratch Jr., Hopscotch, and Kodable

Creativity: Book Creator, Draw and Tell, My Storybook Maker, Puppet Pals HD, Superhero Comic Book Maker, and Chatter Pix Kids.

Logic: Cryptogram, Unblock Me, Logic Puzzles by Puzzle Baron, and Balance Benders

If you’d like to help your child remain on an educational app while on an iPhone, iTouch, or iPad, you can enable Guided Access. More information can be found here on the Apple website.