To My Awesome Readers-

I love my job.  I want you to know that.  There is nothing better in this world than being a teacher regardless of the bumps and bruises and nicks and scratches that my heart, mind, and body have taken over the years.  I am all in on teaching, and I am all in on you.

I have the privilege of waking up each day with the opportunity to make a difference.  I get to spend every day talking about things that matter and helping you explore the things that matter to you.

Teaching is the only surefire path to immortality.  While I cannot turn back the clock, or better yet, stop it, each day I spend with you allows me to reflect on my past, peer into your future, and find peace in our present. I am humbled to share my ideas and knowledge with you so that you can internalize them and hopefully pass them on someday.

You are all so amazing.  To glimpse the inner growth and development taking place within is to take snapshots of miracles.  If pride were an energy source, I could light up a city.  The fact that I get to learn and grow beside you is an honor I do not take lightly.  Over Thanksgiving Break, take a deep breath and realize just how awesome you are!!

I am thankful that in our classroom, it’s not always about what’s right and what’s wrong.  Instead it’s about taking risks and figuring out what we think in that moment of time and expression.

I am thankful knowing that the next question you ask could be the key to unlocking a new truth. I love knowing that if I don’t like how something is going in class, I can start over the next day.  I get to spend my day in a constant search for better ways of doing the thing that I love most.  I get to try new things and immerse myself in change and that is a powerful place to reside.

Thank you for giving my professional life purpose and ensuring that my teaching matters.  Thank you for trusting me to help guide you as you make your way in the world. I am most thankful for YOU! That YOU have the courage and curiosity to walk into my classroom and say, “I guess I’ll see what this guy has to offer.”

Have an awesome Thanksgiving Break! Be good to your parents and let them that you are thankful for them!

Mr. C


Media Center


Today we were treated to an awesome book talk with our amazing Media Specialist Mrs. Harpin.I hope that you checked out enough reading materials to keep you busy over the break. Remember that I will not be here on Thursday. Please make sure you have your IDR book with you. Have a great night!-Mr. C



We devoted some class time today talking about the expectations for your “Doll Bones” project.

Doll Bones Game

In addition to the link in this post, there is a permanent link to this project on the menu bar for my blog.

A couple of reminders:

  • This is a MAJOR grade. We have spent many weeks discussing this novel and this project represents the culmination of our reading. As a major grade, this project is weighted at 40%.
  • While a MAJORITY of your project will be worked on in class, their are components that you may want to work on at home.(especially if you are not managing your class time effectively)
  • You will not be given an extension. The project is due on December 16th, no exceptions.

If you have any questions, or need any clarifications, please do not hesitate to ask. You can talk to me in class or email.

Have a great night! -Mr. C



Today we discussed the organizational methods authors use when writing a text. How the author organizes information is called text structure.

What is Text Structure?

Simply put, text structure is how the author organizes the information within the text.

Why do text structures matter to us as readers?

  • When readers what kind of structure to expect, it helps us connect to and remember what they’ve read better.
  • It gives readers clues as to what is most important in the text.
  • It helps readers summarize the text.  For example, if we’re summarizing a text that has a sequence/time order structure, we want to make sure we summarize in the same structure.  (It wouldn’t make sense to tell an autobiography out of order.)

Examples of  Text Structure


  1. Problem/Solution

The author will introduce a problem and tell us how the problem could be fixed.  There may be one solution to fix the problem or several different solutions mentioned. Real life example: Advertisements in magazines for products (problem-pain; solution-Tylenol)

  1. Cause and Effect

The author describes something that has happened which has had an effect on or caused something else to happen.  It could be a good effect or a bad effect.  There may be more than one cause and there may also be more than one effect. (Many times, problem/solution and cause and effect seem like “cousins” because they can be together.) Real life example: A newspaper article about a volcano eruption which had an effect on tourism

  1. Compare/Contrast

The author’s purpose is to tell you how two things are the same and how they are different by comparing them. Real life example: A bargain hunter writing on her blog about buying store-brand items and how it compares with buying name-brand items.

  1. Description/List

Although this is a very common text structure, I think it’s one of the trickiest because the author throws a lot of information at the reader (or lists facts) about a certain subject.  It’s up to the reader to determine what he thinks is important and sometimes even interesting enough to remember. Real life example: A soccer coach’s letter describing to parents exactly what kind of cleats to buy for their kids.

  1. Time Order/Sequence

Texts are written in an order or timeline format. Real life examples: recipes, directions, events in history

Have a great night! -Mr. C

Doll Bones Quiz


Today you took your Doll Bones Quiz on Chapters 15 & 16. You will still need to bring your book every day to class. We will be using it often over the next two weeks. You will receive your study guide next week for your Doll Bones Unit Test on November 28th.

Have an awesome weekend! – Mr. C

Doll Bones & Independent Reading


Today we completed reading our novel Doll Bones. We will still be working with it over the next few weeks, but the first reading portion has been completed. You have a quiz this Friday on Chapters 15 & 16.

You will take a UNIT TEST on the book, November 28th. I will provide you with a Study Guide to help you prepare for this major grade.

Please make sure you are bringing an independent reading book with you to class every day.  We have already discussed the importance of having it with you……..

Have a great day! – Mr. C

Doll Bones


It was great having you back at school! Today we had the opportunity to read and discuss all of Chapter 15 and some of Chapter 16 from Doll Bones. Tomorrow we will take some time to finish Chapter 16. Please be mindful that you have a quiz on Chapters 15 & 16 on Friday. Have an awesome night! -Mr. C

DUKE TIP & Day 3 Recognizing Cause and Effect


Today we continued working on our reading strategy, “Recognizing Cause & Effect.” Make sure you are using the clue words to help you distinguish between a cause and an effect.


Also, most of you should have received your ITBS Score Report today. I know that many of you have been waiting on your score to see if you qualify for the Duke Tip Summer Program. Below you will find a short video that talks about the benefits in enrolling in the program. You will also find a link to the Duke Tip homepage. This is where you can see if your scores qualify for the program, how to register for the SAT/ACT and all other pertinent information. My son attended the program two summers ago and it was an amazing experience for him. If you have any questions about his experience, come speak to me or email me. Have an awesome Wednesday! -Mr. C

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