Week of March 27 – 31

Algebra II

Monday:  Graphing Systems of Linear Equations

Notes:  Notes March 27-1xk7d4e

Tuesday:  Graphing Linear Inequalities

Notes:  Notes March 28-yij5x3

Wednesday:  Graphing Systems of Inequalities

Thursday:  Quiz over Graphing

Friday:  Graphing Project


Monday:  Review for Triangle Test

KEY:  PC Review Solving Oblique Triangles-KEY-1jw18e3

Tuesday:  Triangle Test – no homework

Wednesday:  Introduction to Identities

Thursday:  Verifying Identities

Friday:  Guest Speaker

Week of March 20 – 24

Algebra II

Monday:  Cumulative Review

Notes:  Notes March 20-u6oj38

Tuesday:  Cumulative Review

Key to Review:  Alg 2 cumulative spring review key-297i3o4

Wednesday:  Cumulative Test

Thursday:  Review of Lines

Friday:  Review of Lines


Monday:  Right Triangles

Notes:  Notes March 20-u6oj5o

Tuesday:  Law of Sines

Notes:  Notes March 21-11kos69

Wednesday:  Law of  Sines

Thursday:  Law of Cosines

Friday:  Area of a Triangle

Week of March 13 – 17

Algebra II

Monday:  Graphing Exponential Functions

Notes:  Notes March 13-2b4i1b1

Tuesday:  Graphing Logarithmic Functions

Notes:  Notes March 14-1fj1ov7

Wednesday:  Graphing Exp. and Logarithmic Functions

HW:  Graphing packet:  Odds required, do all and get an extra stamp and ticket

Thursday:  Exponential Growth/Decay Activity

Friday:  Quiz over Graphing


Monday:  Inverses

Tuesday:  Review

Key to Review:  PC Key curves review-1vbz6an

Wednesday:  Test – Begin work on your midterm review

Thursday:  Midterm Review

Answer Keys to Review:  Pre-Calculus-Midterm-Review-F16-id2-168fypt-21mfasl and Pre-Calculus-Midterm-Review-F16-not-multiple-choice-2mjm1zq-29bymbe

Friday:  Midterm

Week of March 6 – 10

Algebra II

Monday:  Application problems HW:  8 – 12 on worksheet

Notes:  Notes March 6-1mlprzt

Tuesday:  Application problems (continued)

Notes:  Notes March 7-18cldst

Wednesday:  Applications and Equations

Thursday:  Test Review

Friday:  Test


Monday:  Application Problems

Tuesday:  Graphing Sin and Cos

Notes:  Notes March 7-18cldts

Wednesday:  Graphing Tan/Cot

Thursday:  Graphing all Trig Curves

Friday:  Quiz over graphing

Week of 2/27 – 3/3

Algebra II

Monday:  Exponential Equations Day One

Notes:  Notes Feb 27-2jvgzsy

Tuesday:  Exponential Equations Day Two

Notes:  Notes Feb 28-1jr89rg

Wednesday:  Exponential Equations Day Three

Notes:  Notes March 1-287c8hx

Thursday:  Review all Exponential Equations

Friday:  Quiz over Exponential Equations

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Monday:  Parent Graphs

Notes Feb 27-2jvh468

Tuesday:  Transformations and Quiz over Parent Graphs

Wednesday:  Writing Equations from Graphs

Thursday:  Applications

Friday:  Applications

Week of February 13th – 17th

Algebra II

Monday:  Logarithmic Equations (logs on both sides)

Notes:  Notes Feb 13-1oitg91

Tuesday:  Logarithmic Equations (logs only on one side)

Notes:  Notes Feb 14-12uhsc2

Wednesday:  Logarithmic Equations (mixed)

Thursday:  Review

Friday:  Test over the Logarithms


Monday:  Unit Circle

Blank Unit Circle:  unit circle-1rkl95s

Tuesday:  Exact Value

Notes:  Notes Feb 14-12uhscy

Wednesday:  More with Exact Value

Thursday:  Review

Friday:  Test over Introduction to Trigonometry

Week of February 6 – February 10

Algebra II

Monday:  Introduction to Logarithms

Notes:  Notes Feb 6-1m5xr3v

Homework:  Alg 2 Introduction to Logs-2d9h981

Tuesday:  The Product Property

Notes:  Notes Feb 7-17kbswz

Wednesday:  The Quotient Property

Thursday:  The Power Property

Friday:  Quiz


Monday:  Introduction to Trigonometry – Degrees

Notes:  Notes Feb 6-1m5xr4t

Homework:  1 – 20, 35 – 38 (A only)

HW:PC intro to trig packet spring-2ifd2b2

Tuesday:  Introduction to Trigonometry – Radian

HW:  21 – 34 and 39-42 a off of yesterday’s packet

Wednesday:  Radians – continued

Thursday:  Special Right Triangles and Sohcahtoa

Friday:  Quiz

Week of January 30 – February 3

Algebra II

Monday:  Piecewise Functions

Notes:Notes Jan 30-1vozr6k

Tuesday:  Graphing Absolute Value Functions

Wednesday:  Solving Absolute Value Equations

Thursday:  Review

Friday:  Quiz

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Monday:  Hyperbola

Tuesday:  Conic Systems

Wednesday:  Review

Thursday:  Conics Project

Key to Review Sheet:  KEYconicsreview(26problems)-1koh38i

Friday:  Conics Test

Week of January 23 – 27

Algebra II with Support

Monday:  Exponent Review

Notes:  exponent review notes-25beflt

Tuesday:  Introduction to Rational Exponents

Wednesday:  Equations with Rational Exponents

Notes:  Notes Jan 25-1uyyzrc

Thursday:  Review – Quiz tomorrow

Friday:  Quiz

For additional information, please see Mrs. Balentine’s blog at



Monday:  Circles

Notes:  Notes Jan. 23-1dlis98

Tuesday:  Ellipses

Wednesday:  Parabolas

Notes:  Notes Jan 25-1uyyzso

Thursday:  Review

Key for Review:  Quiz-Review-of-Conics-KEY-1l5xlip-1e38pr3

Friday:  Quiz

Week of January 16 – 20

Algebra II with Support

Monday:  MLK Holiday

Tuesday:  Graphing Square Roots

Notes:  Notes Jan. 17-zza9ch

Wednesday:  Graphing Cube Roots

Thursday:  Review – Test Tomorrow.

Friday:  Test over Radicals

For additional information, please see Mrs. Balentine’s blog at




Monday:  MLK Holiday

Tuesday:  Systems of Equations and Area of a Triangle

Notes:  Notes Jan. 17-zza9di

Wednesday:  Matrix Review

Key to Review:  PC Key matrix review spring 2017-115mew8

Thursday:  Matrix Test – Prerequisite Quiz tomorrow

Friday:  Prerequisite Quiz