Week of January 23 – 27

Algebra II with Support

Monday:  Exponent Review

Notes:  exponent review notes-25beflt

Tuesday:  Introduction to Rational Exponents

Wednesday:  Equations with Rational Exponents

Thursday:  Review

Friday:  Quiz

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Monday:  Circles

Notes:  Notes Jan. 23-1dlis98

Tuesday:  Ellipses

Wednesday:  Parabolas

Thursday:  Review

Friday:  Quiz

Week of January 16 – 20

Algebra II with Support

Monday:  MLK Holiday

Tuesday:  Graphing Square Roots

Notes:  Notes Jan. 17-zza9ch

Wednesday:  Graphing Cube Roots

Thursday:  Review – Test Tomorrow.

Friday:  Test over Radicals

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Monday:  MLK Holiday

Tuesday:  Systems of Equations and Area of a Triangle

Notes:  Notes Jan. 17-zza9di

Wednesday:  Matrix Review

Key to Review:  PC Key matrix review spring 2017-115mew8

Thursday:  Matrix Test – Prerequisite Quiz tomorrow

Friday:  Prerequisite Quiz


January 5 – January 13

Algebra II Support

Thursday –  Radical Equations

Class Notes:  notes-jan-5

Homework: worksheet over radical equations

Class Notes:  notes-jan-6

Friday –  Radical Equations

Monday –  No School

Tuesday –  No School

Wednesday –  Radical Equations Review

Thursday –  Radical Inequalities

Class Notes:  Notes Jan 12-20djak2

Friday –  Quiz over Radical Equations and Inequalities

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Pre-Calculus – Remember the prerequisite packet!

KEY to Prerequisite Packet:  Summer Packet _ PreCalc KEY-24gynfu

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Thursday –  Adding, Subtracting, and Scalar Multiplication of Matrices

Class Notes:  notes-jan-5

Homework:  4.1 B: 1 – 16 all and 4.1 C:  14, 15, and 16

Friday –  Multiplying Matrices

Class Notes:  notes-jan-6

Monday –  No School

Tuesday –  No School

Wednesday –  Determinants and Inverses of Matrices

Notes:  notes-jan-11

Thursday –  Quiz over Matrices (non-calculator)

Homework:  Read over the calculator packet

Friday –  Decoding Activity

Week of 12/12 – 12/16

Algebra II

Monday:  Elf Math

Tuesday:  Elf Math

Wednesday:  Exam Review

Thursday:  Exam Review

Friday:  Exam Review

Key:  midterm-review-answers-fall-2016


Monday:  Test Review

Review Key:  unit-8-probability-review-without-prob-distr-key

Tuesday:  Probability Test

Wednesday:  SLO Review

SLO Review Keys:  slo-review-key  and  more-slo-review-key

Thursday:  SLO Test

Friday:  Exam Review

Exam Review Keys:  keyevenmoreexamreview

and pc-key-exam-review and work:  pc-exam-review-worked-out

Week of 12/5 – 12/9


Algebra II

Monday –  Finding Vertical Asymptotes

Notes:  notes-dec-5

Tuesday –  Finding Horizontal Asymptotes

Notes: notes-dec-6

Wednesday –  Graphing Rational Functions

Notes:  notes-dec-7  and  notes-dec-7-graph

Thursday – Review Sheet for tomorrow’s test

Friday – Test over Graphing Rational Functions


Monday – Probability continued/SLO review

Notes:  matrix-and-conics-review-for-slo

Tuesday – Quiz Review/SLO review

Notes:  trig-review-slo

Key to review sheet:  pc-key-prob-quiz-review

Wednesday –  Quiz over Probability – No Homework

Thursday – Applications of Expected Value

Friday – Applications of Expected Value


Week of 11/28 – 12/2

Algebra II

Monday – Rational Equations

Notes:  notes-nov-28

Tuesday – Rational  Equations

Wednesday – Quiz over Rational Equations

Thursday – Graphing Rational Functions

Notes:  notes-dec-1

Friday –  Graphing Rational Functions


Monday – Polar Coordinates and Graphing

Tuesday –  Graphing Project

Wednesday – Combinations and Permutations

Thursday – Combinations and Permutations

Friday – Independent and Dependent Probability

Week of 11/14 – 11/18

Algebra II

Monday:  Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions

Notes:  notes-nov-14

Tuesday:  Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions

Notes:  notes-nov-15

Wednesday:  Review – Made review cube in class

HW:  5 review problems

Thursday:  Review – Homework review sheet

Friday:  Rational Expression Test


Monday:  Complex Numbers

Tuesday:  Polar Form

HW:  polarandrectcomplexnumbers

Wednesday:  Distance and Midpoint

HW:  Review sheet one

Thursday:  Review

KEY to review:  key-pc-vector-review-2

Friday:  Test

Week of 11/7 – 11/11

Algebra II

Monday:  Simplifying Rational Expressions

Notes:  notes-nov-7

Tuesday:  No School

Wednesday:  Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions

Thursday:  Review of Simplifying, Multiplying, and Dividing

Homework:  Review sheet evens only

Friday:  Quiz – No Homework


Monday:  Vector Applications

Notes:  notes-nov-7

Tuesday:  No School

Wednesday:  Matrices as Transformations of Vectors

KEY to quiz review:  pc-key-vector-quiz

Thursday:  Quiz  No Homework

Friday:  Complex Number in the Plane/Rectangular and Polar Form

Homework:  2 – 30 even pc-complex-hw

Week of 10/31 – 11/4

Algebra II

Monday:  Possible Rational Roots

Notes:  notes-october-31

Tuesday:  Finding all Roots

Notes:  notes-nov-1

Wednesday:  Finding all Roots

Thursday:  Review – Be sure to check your answers.

Answers to Review:  polynomial-test-review-answers

Friday:  Unit Test  – No Homework


Monday:  Review

Key to Review:  pc-review-solving-oblique-triangles-key *9b: 1682.2

Tuesday:  Triangle Test

Wednesday:  Geometric Vectors

Thursday:  Algebraic Vectors

Notes:  notes-nov-3

Friday:  Vector Applications

Notes:  notes-nov-4

Week of October 24 – 28

Algebra II

Wednesday – Review of Factoring and Finding Root

Notes:  notes-october-26

Homework:  alg-2-oct-26-hw

Thursday – Review – Quiz tomorrow.  Study last night’s homework.

Friday – Quiz


Wednesday –   Law of Sines – The Ambiguous Case

Notes:  notes-october-26

Thursday – Law of Cosines – HW is on unit plan.

Notes:  notes-october-27

Friday – Area of a Triangle