Week of November 2nd – November 6th

Algebra I

Monday – Identifying Functions and Writing Equations – MIDTERM review is due tomorrow!

Notes: Notes – Nov. 2nd(algi)

Homework:  The specific HW problems on these worksheets are on the end of the day’s notes.

alg1 functions day one

Tuesday – Comparing Rates of Change and Y – Intercepts

Notes: Notes – Nov. 3(algi)

Homework: alg I comparing functions

Wednesday – Even/Odd Functions

Notes: Notes – Nov.4 (algi)

Homework: Alg1 symmetry

Thursday – Review

Review Sheet Answers:  3 Unit 5 Review key

Friday – Unit 5 Test – No Homework

Algebra II

Monday – Evaluating Logarithms

Notes: Notes – Nov. 2(algii)

Homework: alg2 intro to logs

Tuesday – Expand and Condense Logarithms

Notes: notes-nov3(algii)

Homework: Alg2 expand and condense

Wednesday – Solve Log Equations

Notes: Notes – Nov4(algii)

Homework: alg2 log equations

Thursday – Solve Exponential Equations

Notes: Notes – Nov5(algii)

Homework: log#3

Friday – Solve both Log and Exponential Equations

Please see Mrs. Balentine’s Blog for further information:


October 26th – October 30th

Algebra I

Monday:  Applications with Exponential Growth and Exponential Decay

Homework: Algi exp growth and decay apps (1)

Tuesday:  Rate of Change

Notes: Notes – Oct 27(algi)

Homework: alg1 rate of change #2  and alg1 rate of change #2

Wednesday:  Geometric Sequences

Notes: Notes – Oct28(algI)

Homework:  Do 1 – 16 only  alg1 geometric sequences

Thursday:  Review for Test – The review we did in class in a great review for the test.  If you want more practice, I would suggest working it again.  It is posted below in case you didn’t pick up an extra in class.  The due date for the midterm review is now moved to Tuesday, November 3rd.  If you need extra help, plan to stay after school on Monday with questions.

Notes: Notes – Oct 29(algI)

Review:  alg 1 review for exp test

Friday:  Unit Test

Midterm Review is due on Tuesday, November 3rd

Algebra II

Monday:  Review for Test

Key to review sheet:  alg2 key unit 4b review

Tuesday:  Unit Test

Homework:  Review of Exponents – do multiples of 3 and all of the simplifying radical worksheet

Worksheets for Tuesday pm: alg2 exponent review and alg2 simplifying square roots

Wednesday: Nth Roots and Rational Exponents

Notes:  Notes – Oct 28(algII)

Homework:  Do everything on the first worksheet and 1-10 and 21-26 on the second worksheet.

Worksheets:  alg2 nth roots

Thursday:  Properties of Rational Exponents

Homework:  alg2 rational exponents

Friday: Evaluating Logs

No Homework

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October 19th – October 23rd

Algebra I

Monday – Review for Quadratics Unit Test – Work on the second unit review.

Notes from review one:  Notes – Oct 19 (algi)

Tuesday – Review for Quadratics Unit Test

Both reviews: Quadratics Unit Review for Test

Key to Unit Reviews: Unit 3 Practice Test Answers

Wednesday – Quadratics Test/Review for Midterm – Midterm review is due Monday, Nov. 2nd.  ***You will need a graphing calculator for class tomorrow***

Thursday – Exponential Functions – No homework

Notes: Notes – Oct 22(algi)

Friday – Characteristics of Exponential Functions

Notes: Notes – Oct 23(algi)

Homework:  alg1 graphing exponential a

Algebra II

Monday – Radical Inequalities

Notes: Notes – Oct 19(algii)

Homework: alg2 radical inequalities

Tuesday – Rewrite Rational Exponents and Solving Rational Equations

Notes: Notes – Oct 20(algii)

Homework: alg2 rational exponent equations

Wednesday – Quiz – No homework

Thursday – Absolute Value Functions

Notes: Notes – Oct22(algii)

Homework: Algii abs value

Friday – Piecewise Function

Notes: Notes – Oct 23(algii)

Homework: alg2 piecewise functions  omit #4

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Week of October 12th – October 17th

Please notice that the schedule for the week has changed since the original post. 

Algebra I

Monday – Factoring trinomials

Tuesday – Factoring harder trinomials

Notes for Tuesday: Notes – Oct 13(algI)

Homework for Tuesday: alg 1 factoring harder trinomials

Wednesday – PSAT – no class

Thursday – Solving by Factoring/Quadratic Formula

Friday – Quadratic Formula/Applications – Be sure to review the two study guides for Tuesday’s test.  They do not have to be completed by Monday, but you need to look over them to see what questions you need answered on Monday.

TEST is moved to Tuesday, October 20th.

Algebra II

Monday –  Review for Test – Answer Keys: KEY – rational exp. test review  and KEYGraphingrationalfunctionsREVIEWfortestS2015

Tuesday –  Graphing Square Roots and Cube Roots – Homework for tonight is due on Friday of this week

Notes for Tuesday: Notes – Oct 13(algII)

Homework for Tuesday: alg 2 graphing sq and cube roots

Wednesday – PSAT – 3rd and 4th will meet and review for test

Thursday – Test that was originally scheduled for Tuesday.

Friday – Solving Radical Equations

Notes: Notes – Oct 16(algii)

Homework: alg 2 radical equations

Please refer to Mrs. Balentine’s blog for more information on Algebra II: