Week of November 30th – December 4th

Algebra I

Monday – EOC Review – Please be sure and review the study guide and your diagnostic test.  Be sure to get a good night of sleep and eat a good breakfast both tomorrow and Wednesday in the morning.

Tuesday – EOC

Wednesday – EOC – Remember to bring your food for our class celebration!  The EOC is done!

Thursday – Celebration of EOC

Friday – Data review

Algebra II

Monday – Central Tendency

Notes:  Notes – Nov30(algii)

Homework: alg2 intro to data HW

Tuesday – Sampling Methods

Classwork:  alg 2 class work – outliers-central tendency

Notes on Sampling: alg2 sampling notes

Sampling Homework: alg2 sampling HW

Wednesday – Experimental vs. Observational Studies

Homework: alg2 observational vs exp studies

Thursday- Margin of Error and Confidence Intervals

Notes: Notes – Dec3(algii)

Homework:  Review for Quiz  (omit#5) alg2 stat quiz review

Friday – Review and Quiz

Please refer to Mrs. Balentine’s blog for more information on Algebra II:



Week of November 16th – November 20th

Algebra I – EOC is December 1st and 2nd

Before and After School Review for EOC (see schedule) EOC Study Dates.

Monday – Diagnostic Test for EOC

Tuesday – Diagnostic Test for EOC – Review Units 1- 3

EOC Formula Sheet:  EOC formula sheet

EOC Important to know this information:  EOC study guide

Homework:  Units 1 – 3 most missed questions  EOC units 1 and 2a  and  EOC Units 2b and 3 most missed

Wednesday – Formula Quiz – Review Units 4 and 5

Homework:  Work on the missed questions for Units 4 and 5.  Practice the diagnostic test again and study the pink sheet.

Thursday – Formula Quiz 2 – Review Diagnostic Test

Study formula sheet and EOC study guide.  Also read over the test taking tips.

Friday – Formula Quiz 3 – EOC Practice Test for over break

Diagnostic Test Answer Key:  FINALdiagnostic

Most missed answers:  Answers to most missed

Algebra II

Monday – Geometric  Sequences

Homework: alg 2 sequences

Tuesday – Geometric Series

Homework:  alg two geometric series

Wednesday – Linear Programming

Homework:  All 4 linear programming problems should be complete tomorrow.  The 2 examples off of the Making Money packet, #1 of the additional problems on the Making Money packet, and the one example on the linear programming sheet.

Thursday – Linear Programming – Linear Programming worksheet 1, 3, and 5

alg two linear programming

Quiz tomorrow over all material from this week.

Friday – Assessment – No homework

Please see Mrs. Balentine’s blog for additional Algebra II information.




Week of November 9th – 13th



Monday – EOC practice

Tuesday – Introduction to Statistics

Notes – Notes – Nov.10(alglone)

Homework – alg one data intro

Wednesday – Organizing and Displaying Data

Notes: Notes – Nov 11(algone)

Homework: alg one graphs

Thursday – Organizing and Displaying Data and Two Way Frequency Tables

Notes: Notes – Nov12(algone)

Homework:  alg one skewed worksheet

Friday – No Homework

Algebra II

Monday – Exponential and Logarithmic Equations

Tuesday – Applications with Logs

Notes – Notes – Nov 10(algtwo)

Homework – alg two log apps

Wednesday – Graphing Exponential and Log Functions

Notes: Notes – Nov11(algtwo)

Homework: alg two graphing logs and exp

REVIEW SHEET FOR LOG TEST: alg two log test review

Thursday – Log Review

KEY to Review Sheet:  KEYreviewforlogTEST-signed

Optional Review Sheet: LOGREVIEWFORTESTonepage

Key to Optional Review Sheet: KEYlogreview(40)

Key to Application Problems:  alg two log applications

Friday – Log Test – No Homework