Unit 4B: Radical Functions

Monday 3/21:  Graphing Square Root and Cube Root Functions

Notes:  March 21 Notes

Homework: Only do even problems  March 21 worksheet

Tuesday 3/22:  Solving Radical Equations

Notes:  March 22 Notes

Homework:  March 22 worksheet

Wednesday 3/23:   Rewriting Rational Exponents & Solving Rational Equations

Notes:  March 23 Notes

Homework:  March 23 worksheet  Do all circled problems and all 4 at the bottom of the page

Thursday 3/24:  Solving Radical Inequalities

Notes:  March 24 Notes

Homework: March 24 worksheet

QUIZ REVIEW:  Quiz 4b review and key

Friday 3/25:  Quiz – No homework

Monday 3/28:  Absolute Value Functions

Notes:  March 28 Notes

Homework:  Be sure to name domain and range on the graphs.  March 28 worksheet

Tuesday 3/29:  Piecewise Functions

Notes:  March 29 Notes

Homework:  march 29 worksheet

Wednesday 3/30:  Unit 4B Review

Answer key to review:  alg2 key unit 4b review

Thursday 3/31:  Unit 4B Test – No homework

Friday 4/1:  Bonus

Please refer to Mrs. Balentine’s blog for additional information about Algebra II.