Mathematical Modeling

Thursday 4/28:  Introduction to Linear Programming

Friday 4/29:  Linear Programming – no homework

Monday 5/2:  Linear Programming

Notes:  May 2 Notes

Homework:  Making Money packet  1 – 3 for homework

Graph Paper:  graph paper

Tuesday 5/3:  Linear Programming

Notes: May 3 Notes

Classwork/Homework:  linear programming (2)

Wednesday 5/4:  Geometric Sequences and Series

Thursday 5/5:  Review

Friday 5/6:  Unit Test

Please refer to Mrs. Balentine’s blog for additional information about Algebra II.

Unit 5: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Monday 4/11:  Review of Exponents

Rules of Exponents:  Exponent Rules

Classwork/Homework:  April 11 worksheet

Tuesday 4/12:  Evaluating Logarithms

Notes:  April 12 Notes

Homework: April 12 worksheet

Wednesday 4/13:  Apply Properties of Logarithms

Notes: Notes April 13

Homework: April 13 worksheet

Thursday 4/14:  Solve Logarithmic Equations

Notes: April 14 Notes

Homework: April 14 worksheet

Quiz Review: log quiz 1 review

Quiz Review Key: key log quiz 1 review (1)

Friday 4/15:  Quiz

Monday 4/18:  Solve Exponential Equations

Notes: April 18 Notes

Homework: April 18 worksheet

Tuesday 4/19:  Continue working with Logarithmic and Exponential Equations

Notes:  April 19 worksheet

Homework:  April 19 worksheet

Wednesday 4/20:  Logarithmic and Exponential Equations

Group work in class – 20 equations

Thursday 4/21:  Applications

Notes: April 21 Notes

Homework: April 21 worksheet  Only do 3-5, 8, and 9

Friday 4/22:  Application Problems

Monday 4/25:  Graphing Exponential and Log Function

Notes: April 25 Notes

Homework: April 25 worksheet

Tuesday 4/26:  Unit 5 Review

Optional Review Key:  key optional log review

Around the Room Review Key:  key log room review

Key to Review Sheet:  KEYreviewforlogTEST-signed

Wednesday 4/27:  Unit 5 Test

Please refer to Mrs. Balentine’s blog for additional information about Algebra II.