Week of 10/31 – 11/4

Algebra II

Monday:  Possible Rational Roots

Notes:  notes-october-31

Tuesday:  Finding all Roots

Notes:  notes-nov-1

Wednesday:  Finding all Roots

Thursday:  Review – Be sure to check your answers.

Answers to Review:  polynomial-test-review-answers

Friday:  Unit Test  – No Homework


Monday:  Review

Key to Review:  pc-review-solving-oblique-triangles-key *9b: 1682.2

Tuesday:  Triangle Test

Wednesday:  Geometric Vectors

Thursday:  Algebraic Vectors

Notes:  notes-nov-3

Friday:  Vector Applications

Notes:  notes-nov-4

Week of October 24 – 28

Algebra II

Wednesday – Review of Factoring and Finding Root

Notes:  notes-october-26

Homework:  alg-2-oct-26-hw

Thursday – Review – Quiz tomorrow.  Study last night’s homework.

Friday – Quiz


Wednesday –   Law of Sines – The Ambiguous Case

Notes:  notes-october-26

Thursday – Law of Cosines – HW is on unit plan.

Notes:  notes-october-27

Friday – Area of a Triangle

Week of October 3 – 7

Algebra II

Monday:  Factoring Review

Notes:  notes-october-3

Tuesday:  Factor by Grouping

Wednesday:  Factoring Sum and Difference of Cubes

Thursday:  Review of Factoring

Friday:  Quiz over Factoring

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Monday:  Inverse Trig Functions

Notes:  notes-october-3

Tuesday:  Inverse Trig Functions

Wednesday:  Quiz over Inverse Trig Functions

Thursday:  Midterm Review

Friday:  Midterm