Week of 11/28 – 12/2

Algebra II

Monday – Rational Equations

Notes:  notes-nov-28

Tuesday – Rational  Equations

Wednesday – Quiz over Rational Equations

Thursday – Graphing Rational Functions

Notes:  notes-dec-1

Friday –  Graphing Rational Functions


Monday – Polar Coordinates and Graphing

Tuesday –  Graphing Project

Wednesday – Combinations and Permutations

Thursday – Combinations and Permutations

Friday – Independent and Dependent Probability

Week of 11/14 – 11/18

Algebra II

Monday:  Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions

Notes:  notes-nov-14

Tuesday:  Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions

Notes:  notes-nov-15

Wednesday:  Review – Made review cube in class

HW:  5 review problems

Thursday:  Review – Homework review sheet

Friday:  Rational Expression Test


Monday:  Complex Numbers

Tuesday:  Polar Form

HW:  polarandrectcomplexnumbers

Wednesday:  Distance and Midpoint

HW:  Review sheet one

Thursday:  Review

KEY to review:  key-pc-vector-review-2

Friday:  Test

Week of 11/7 – 11/11

Algebra II

Monday:  Simplifying Rational Expressions

Notes:  notes-nov-7

Tuesday:  No School

Wednesday:  Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions

Thursday:  Review of Simplifying, Multiplying, and Dividing

Homework:  Review sheet evens only

Friday:  Quiz – No Homework


Monday:  Vector Applications

Notes:  notes-nov-7

Tuesday:  No School

Wednesday:  Matrices as Transformations of Vectors

KEY to quiz review:  pc-key-vector-quiz

Thursday:  Quiz  No Homework

Friday:  Complex Number in the Plane/Rectangular and Polar Form

Homework:  2 – 30 even pc-complex-hw