Week of 2/27 – 3/3

Algebra II

Monday:  Exponential Equations Day One

Notes:  Notes Feb 27-2jvgzsy

Tuesday:  Exponential Equations Day Two

Notes:  Notes Feb 28-1jr89rg

Wednesday:  Exponential Equations Day Three

Notes:  Notes March 1-287c8hx

Thursday:  Review all Exponential Equations

Friday:  Quiz over Exponential Equations

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Monday:  Parent Graphs

Notes Feb 27-2jvh468

Tuesday:  Transformations and Quiz over Parent Graphs

Wednesday:  Writing Equations from Graphs

Thursday:  Applications

Friday:  Applications

Week of February 13th – 17th

Algebra II

Monday:  Logarithmic Equations (logs on both sides)

Notes:  Notes Feb 13-1oitg91

Tuesday:  Logarithmic Equations (logs only on one side)

Notes:  Notes Feb 14-12uhsc2

Wednesday:  Logarithmic Equations (mixed)

Thursday:  Review

Friday:  Test over the Logarithms


Monday:  Unit Circle

Blank Unit Circle:  unit circle-1rkl95s

Tuesday:  Exact Value

Notes:  Notes Feb 14-12uhscy

Wednesday:  More with Exact Value

Thursday:  Review

Friday:  Test over Introduction to Trigonometry

Week of February 6 – February 10

Algebra II

Monday:  Introduction to Logarithms

Notes:  Notes Feb 6-1m5xr3v

Homework:  Alg 2 Introduction to Logs-2d9h981

Tuesday:  The Product Property

Notes:  Notes Feb 7-17kbswz

Wednesday:  The Quotient Property

Thursday:  The Power Property

Friday:  Quiz


Monday:  Introduction to Trigonometry – Degrees

Notes:  Notes Feb 6-1m5xr4t

Homework:  1 – 20, 35 – 38 (A only)

HW:PC intro to trig packet spring-2ifd2b2

Tuesday:  Introduction to Trigonometry – Radian

HW:  21 – 34 and 39-42 a off of yesterday’s packet

Wednesday:  Radians – continued

Thursday:  Special Right Triangles and Sohcahtoa

Friday:  Quiz