Week of April 24th – 28th

Algebra II

Monday:  Measures of Central Tendency and Variation

Tuesday:  Comparing  Data Distributions

Wednesday:  Normal Distributions

Notes:  Notes April 26-2gz5klp

Thursday:  Z-scores

Friday:  Quiz


Monday:  Vector Applications

Notes:  Notes April 24-1wddrqm

Tuesday:  Vector Applications continued

Wednesday:  Key to Quiz Review  key vector quiz review-tybahn

Thursday:  Quiz

Friday:  Complex Numbers in the Plane

Week of April 17 – 21

Algebra II

Monday:  Linear Programming Quiz

Tuesday:  Geometric Sequences – HW worksheet

Notes:  Notes April 18-2eagd4j

Wednesday:  Geometric Sequences

Thursday:  Geometric Sequences

Friday:  Quiz HW:  Review of Mean, Median, and Mode


Monday:  Double and Half Angle Identities

Notes:  Notes April 17-1eaz4ub

Tuesday:  Identities Review

Key:  KEY identities review 1-1exvrf7

Wednesday:  Test over Identities

Thursday:  Geometric Vectors

Friday:  Algebraic Vectors  Examples April 21-v2kqfa

Notes:  Notes April 21-1cfb41n

Week of April 10 – 14

Algebra II

Monday:  Linear Programming

Notes:  Notes April 10-2iu8qit

Tuesday:  Linear Programming

Wednesday:  Quiz and Introduction to Applications

Thursday:  Applications

Friday:  Applications – Finish linear programming problem if you did not finish it in class.


Monday:  Review Verifying Trig Identities

Notes:  Notes April 10-2iu8qjt

Tuesday:  Trig Equations

Wednesday:  Quiz Review

Thursday:  Quiz

Friday:  Sum and Difference Identities

Notes:  Notes April 14-wfsr14