Algebra I

Key for Optional Review:  key opt test alg 1-1mvoovt

May 14 – May 23

Monday 5/14:  Triangles and Angle Practice

Tuesday 5/15:  Functions Project

Graphic Organizer:  Graphing-Organizer-functions-2d57xw7

Wednesday 5/16:  Functions Project

Thursday 5/17:  Function Project Due/Factoring

Friday 5/18:  SMI

Monday 5/21:  Review

Tuesday 5/22:  1st and 2nd Final Exam

Wednesday 5/23:  3rd and 4th Final Exam

Food Day:

Food Day-1rghx1m

Key for Wednesday:  KEY eoc tx – 20 questions-10g2g0p

Diagnostic Review:

DIAG day one-1nax07f

DIAG day two-1koo1eh

DIAG day three-11nbzq6

DIAG day four-26q84lt

EOC is Thursday, May 3 and  Friday, May 4

EOC Resource Guide


LETTER:  Invite to EOC Review Sessions S18-1crgu9w

CALENDAR:  EOC After School Study Calendar-2i1cipm

Week of April 23 – 27

Monday:  Diagnostics Review (Unit 1 and 2A)

Key:  Unit One Review  EOC review unit ONE-1j4w6y5

Key:  Unit Two Review  EOC review Unit TWO-1mls1et

Tuesday:  Diagnostic Review and Comparing Functions

Wednesday:  Diagnostic Review and Comparing Functions

Thursday:  Diagnostic Review and Comparing Functions

Friday:  Test over Functions

Week of April 16 – 20

Monday:  Correlation vs. Causation/Regression

Power Point:  Day4 Correlation-vs-Causation-10vwqd0-wc4bvc

Tuesday:  Review Unit

KEY TO REVIEW:  key6-1pcai69


Wednesday:  Test over Unit / Diagnostic Test

Thursday:  Diagnostic Test

Friday:  Comparing Functions

Week of April 9 – 13

Monday:  Function  Review

Tuesday:  Data Review

Wednesday:  Comparing Data

Thursday:  Comparing Data

Notes for week:  Data for week of April 9-1441bi7

Friday:  Two Way Frequencies

Notes: April 13-2n7e41t

Spring Break Extra Credit Opportunity

  1. Logon onto
  2. Use my teacher code of 742938
  3. Choose 4th period
  4. Set up an account
  5. Login
  6. You have a review assignment over quadratics.  If you earn a 100, you will receive 15 points added back to the graphing quadratics test.  You can continue to redo assignment until you earn a 100.
  7. This must be completed over break

Week of March 26 – 30

Monday:  Exponential Functions

Tuesday:  Geometric Sequences

Wednesday:  Applications

Thursday:  Review

Key Review One:  exp review one – KEY-2jf3rrw

Key Review Two:  exp review two – KEY-2agd68s

Friday:  Test

Week of March 19 – 23

Monday:  Graphing Quadratics in Standard Form

Notes:  March 19-2aapfz9

Tuesday:  Characteristics of Quadratics

Notes:  March 20-18pe617

Wednesday:  Converting Quadratics

Notes:  March 21-1nb5n9g

Thursday:  Unit Review

Practice Test KEY:  quad practice test-yha64z

Applications KEY:  quad apps-2ii8u71

Friday:  Unit Test

Week of March 12 – 16

Monday:  More practice with factoring

Tuesday:  Quadratic Formula

Wednesday:  Vertex Form of a Quadratic Function

Notes:  March 14-13zq0fw  – Homework is to memorize the different transformations.

Thursday:  Quadratic and Vertex Form continued

Notes:  March 15-rejvcf

Homework:  graphing vertex form-s98tlz

Friday:  Standard Form of a Quadratic Function

Week of March 5 – March 9

Monday:  Solving by Square Roots

Notes:  March 5-21qowvh

Worksheet:  square root-1hz17cr

Tuesday: Solve by Square Roots

HW:  square root-1hz4vzs

Wednesday:  Solve by Completing the Square

HW:  complete the square-295usli

Notes:  March 7-2chvboh

Thursday:  Review

Test Review:  Quadratics Test Review -1bkg64b

Key to Test Review:  key quad test-y951lk

IMPORTANT to know for test:  HB March 8-1e9pfcn

Friday:  Test over Quadratics

Week of February 26 – March 2

Monday:  Factoring out GCF

Notes:  Feb 26-2ixlqgl

Tuesday:  Factoring Trinomials (a = 1)

Notes:  Feb 27-2axa1vi

Wednesday:  Factoring Trinomials (a > 1)

Notes:  Feb 28-1bwudw9

Thursday:  Review and Quiz

Friday:  Solve by Factoring

Week of February 12 – 16

Monday:  Solving Systems by Substitution

Notes:  Feb 12-1x08zam


Tuesday:  Solving Systems by Elimination


Wednesday:  Graphing Systems of Inequalities


Thursday:  Unit Review

KEY:  KEY Unit 2B Test-13k38q5  for Review

Friday:  Unit Test

Week of February 5 – 9

Monday:  Graphing Linear Equations

Notes:  Feb 5-tp8bjt

Tuesday:  Function Notation

Notes:  Feb 6-1dapwov

Wednesday:  Arithmetic Sequences

Notes:  Feb 7-1ilt57v

KEY TO REVIEW:  key review unit 2a TEST-2d1ns4t

Thursday:  Unit 2 Review

Friday:  Unit 2 Test

Graphing a System of Equations:

Graphing a Linear Inequality

Week of January 29 – February 2

Monday:  Review of Equations

Tuesday:  Multi-Step Equations

Wednesday:  Literal Equations

Notes:  jan 31a-291ybx3 and  jan31b-21pjnxh

CW KEY:  literal equations – key-1358s3w

Thursday:  Literal Equations and Properties

Notes:  Feb 1-2gnn5te and feb 1a-21m475e

Friday:  Word Problems

Week of January 22 – 26

Monday:  Simplifying Radicals

Notes:  Jan 22-rjf14d

Tuesday:  Operations with Radicals

Notes:  Jan 23-13znuqd

Wednesday:  Number Systems

Notes:  Jan 24-1qpjnmu

Thursday:  Review Unit 1

Review Key:  Key- Unit 1 Study Guide-1fs9xxz

Review Key:  Unit-1-Test-Review-Solutions-1gdv79b-2cztvn9-29ppe7m

Test:  4 unit conversions, 8 polynomials, 4 types of numbers, 4 definitions of polynomials, 10 radicals.

Friday:  Unit 1 Test

Week of January 16 – 20

Monday:  MLK Day

Tuesday:  Multiplying Polynomials

Wednesday:  Simplifying Radicals

Thursday:  Operations with Radicals

Friday:  More with Radicals

Week of January 8 – 12

Monday:  No School

Tuesday:  Metric System

Notes:  Jan 9-1kcdr7v

Wednesday:  English Units

Notes:Jan 10-2kx4ec2

Thursday:  Unit Conversion

Notes:  Jan 11-293er14

Friday:  Systems/Properties/Definitions

Notes:  Jan 12-1sjv56o

Week of January 4 – 5

Thursday:  Introduction/Syllabus/Diagnostic Test

Please get your syllabus signed by your parents tonight.

ALSO, prerequisite packet is due on Monday (1/8).  If you misplaced your packet, you can print it off of the Math Page on the school website.

Friday:  SMI/Continue Diagnostic Test