Algebra I

Week of February 12 – 16

Monday:  Solving Systems by Substitution

Notes:  Feb 12-1x08zam


Tuesday:  Solving Systems by Elimination


Wednesday:  Graphing Systems of Inequalities


Thursday:  Unit Review

KEY:  KEY Unit 2B Test-13k38q5  for Review

Friday:  Unit Test

Week of February 5 – 9

Monday:  Graphing Linear Equations

Notes:  Feb 5-tp8bjt

Tuesday:  Function Notation

Notes:  Feb 6-1dapwov

Wednesday:  Arithmetic Sequences

Notes:  Feb 7-1ilt57v

KEY TO REVIEW:  key review unit 2a TEST-2d1ns4t

Thursday:  Unit 2 Review

Friday:  Unit 2 Test

Graphing a System of Equations:

Graphing a Linear Inequality

Week of January 29 – February 2

Monday:  Review of Equations

Tuesday:  Multi-Step Equations

Wednesday:  Literal Equations

Notes:  jan 31a-291ybx3 and  jan31b-21pjnxh

CW KEY:  literal equations – key-1358s3w

Thursday:  Literal Equations and Properties

Notes:  Feb 1-2gnn5te and feb 1a-21m475e

Friday:  Word Problems

Week of January 22 – 26

Monday:  Simplifying Radicals

Notes:  Jan 22-rjf14d

Tuesday:  Operations with Radicals

Notes:  Jan 23-13znuqd

Wednesday:  Number Systems

Notes:  Jan 24-1qpjnmu

Thursday:  Review Unit 1

Review Key:  Key- Unit 1 Study Guide-1fs9xxz

Review Key:  Unit-1-Test-Review-Solutions-1gdv79b-2cztvn9-29ppe7m

Test:  4 unit conversions, 8 polynomials, 4 types of numbers, 4 definitions of polynomials, 10 radicals.

Friday:  Unit 1 Test

Week of January 16 – 20

Monday:  MLK Day

Tuesday:  Multiplying Polynomials

Wednesday:  Simplifying Radicals

Thursday:  Operations with Radicals

Friday:  More with Radicals

Week of January 8 – 12

Monday:  No School

Tuesday:  Metric System

Notes:  Jan 9-1kcdr7v

Wednesday:  English Units

Notes:Jan 10-2kx4ec2

Thursday:  Unit Conversion

Notes:  Jan 11-293er14

Friday:  Systems/Properties/Definitions

Notes:  Jan 12-1sjv56o

Week of January 4 – 5

Thursday:  Introduction/Syllabus/Diagnostic Test

Please get your syllabus signed by your parents tonight.

ALSO, prerequisite packet is due on Monday (1/8).  If you misplaced your packet, you can print it off of the Math Page on the school website.

Friday:  SMI/Continue Diagnostic Test