Algebra II Support

May 14 – May 23

Monday 5/14:  AMDM packet work

Tuesday 5/15:  AMDM packet work

Wednesday 5/16:  AMDM packet work/Review

Thursday 5/17:  Review

Friday 5/18:  Review

Monday 5/21:  Review

Tuesday 5/22:  1st and 2nd exam

Wednesday 5/23:  3rd and 4th exam

Week of April 23 – 27

Monday:  Review Sequences and Series

Tuesday:  Test over Sequences and Series

Wednesday:  Data

Thursday:  Data

Friday:  Data

Week of April 16 – 20

Monday:  Linear Programming Review

Tuesday:  Linear Programming Test

Wednesday: Geometric Sequences

Thursday:  Geometric Series

Friday:  Quiz over Geometric Sequences and Series

Week of April 9 – 13

Monday:  Introduction to Linear Programming

Tuesday:  Linear Programming

Wednesday:  Linear Programming

Thursday:  Linear Programming

Friday:  Linear Programming

Week of March 26 – 30

Monday:  Graphing Lines

Tuesday:  Graphing Linear Systems

Wednesday:  Graphing Inequalities

Thursday:  Graphing Systems of Inequalities

Friday:  Quiz

Week of March 19 – 23

Monday:  Logarithm Review

Tuesday:  Logarithm Test

Wednesday:  Cumulative Review

Thursday:  Cumulative Review

KEY to practice test:  Cumulative Test Spring Practice Test – KEY-19dilsg

Friday:  Cumulative Test

Week of March 12 – March 16

Monday:  Log Application Problems

Tuesday:  Log Application Problems

Wednesday:  Log Application Problems

Thursday:  Growth and Decay Problems

Friday:  Quiz over Application Problems

Week of March 2 – March 9

Monday:  Exponential Equation (same base)

Tuesday:  Exponential Equations

Wednesday:  Natural Log Equations

Thursday:  Review

Friday:  Quiz

Week of February 26 – March 2

Monday:  Solving Log Equations

Tuesday:  Solving Log Equations

Wednesday:  Solving Log Equations

Thursday:  Review Log Equations

Friday:  Test over first half of the Log Unit

Week of February 12 – 16

Monday:  Introduction to Logarithms

Notes:  Feb 12-1x08ujj

Tuesday:  Properties of Logarithms

Wednesday:  Properties of Logarithms (continued)

Thursday:  Review

Friday:  Quiz

Week of February 5 – 9

Monday:  Review Piecewise Functions and Absolute Value

Tuesday:  Quiz / Exponent Review

Wednesday:  Rational Exponents

Notes:  feb 7-2hnkgeq

Thursday:  Equations with Rational Exponents

Friday:  Quiz

Week of January 29 – February 2

Monday:  Graphing Absolute Value

Tuesday: Graphing Absolute Value and Solving Equations

Wednesday:  Piecewise Functions

Thursday:  Piecewise Functions

Friday:  Review

Week of January 22 – 26

Monday:  Graphing Cube Roots

Notes:  Jan 22-rjf18u

Tuesday:  Graphing Square Roots and Cube Roots

Wednesday:  Practice Test

KEY:  Key to radical mock test-2jzq34p

Thursday:  Test

Friday:  Graphing Absolute Value

Week of January 16 – 20

Monday:  MLK Day

Tuesday:  Graphing Square Roots

Notes: Jan 16-1nic44c

Wednesday:  Graphing Cube Roots

Thursday:  Graphing continued

Friday:  Assessment

Week of January 8 – 12

Monday:  No School

Tuesday:  Radical Equation Review

Wednesday: Radical Inequalities

Jan 10-2kx3xcn

Thursday:  Review of Radical Equations and Inequalities

Friday:  Assessment

Week of January 4 – 5

Thursday:  Radical Equations

Notes:  Jan 4-1qub3xy

Friday:  Radical Equations

Notes:  Jan 5-23d1x11

Week of December 11 – December 15

Monday:  No School

Tuesday:  Horizontal Asymptotes and Graphing

1st Period:  Dec 12 first period-pirept

3rd Period: Dec 12 third period-ydggbr

Wednesday:  Review

Thursday:  Review

Friday:  Test over Graphing Rational Functions

1st period exam is Tuesday, 12/19.

3rd period exam is Wednesday, 12/20.

Week of December 4 – December 8

Monday:  Rational Expression Review

Tuesday:  Rational Expression Retest

Wednesday:  Graphing Rational Functions

Notes:   notes holes and vertical asymptotes 12 6 17-1nj2ecr

Thursday:   Graphing Rational Functions

Friday:  Graphing Rational Functions

Week of November 27 – December 1

Monday:  Rational Equations

Tuesday:  Rational Equations

Wednesday:  Rational Equations

Thursday:  Rational Equation

Rational Expression Key:  rational expression test key-1y8fkb5

Friday:  Quiz over Rational Equations

Week of November 13 – November 70

Monday:  Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions

Notes:  Nov 13-2eeet97

Tuesday:  Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions

Wednesday:  Review

Notes:  Nov 15-1brl4q4

Thursday:  Review

Friday:  Unit Test

Week of November 6 – November 10

Monday:  Factoring Review

Tuesday:  No School

Wednesday:  Simplifying Rational Expressions

Notes:  Nov 8-1blnnpv

Thursday:  Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions

Notes:  Nov 9-1j757l5

Friday:  Review and Quiz

Week of October 30 – November 4 – We will be reviewing this week on Monday – Wednesday for our Cumulative Test.  The tests will be on Thursday and Friday. 

Week of October 23 – 27

Monday:  Writing Polynomial Equations

Notes:  Oct 23-tf9g4s

Tuesday:  Writing Polynomial Equations

Wednesday:  Unit Review

Thursday:  Unit Review

Friday:  Unit Test

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Week of October 16 – 20

Monday:  Finding Factors and Roots

Notes:  Oct 16-1f4zcw8

Tuesday:  Finding Roots

Notes:  Oct 17-1gfa3m5

Wednesday:  Finding Roots

Notes:  Oct 18 a-1abqdkt and Oct 18-2fh031b

Thursday:  Finding Roots

Friday:  Quiz


Week of October 9 – 13

Monday:  Long Division

Notes:  Oct 9-24zps4w

HW:  long division HW-16ghh9m

Tuesday:  Synthetic Division

Notes:  Oct 10-2ayvlb7

HW:  same as last night’s worksheet

Wednesday:  Review – No Homework

Thursday:  Review – No Homework

Friday:  Scavenger Hunt with Division

Week of October 2 – 6

Monday:  Factoring Review

Tuesday:  Factor by Grouping

Wednesday:  Factoring Sum and Difference of Cubes and Differences of Two Squares

Notes:  Oct 4-17kfjb3

HW:  squares and cubes 2 sided-1ssa9ri

Thursday:  Factoring Review

HW:  Factoring Quiz Review 10 problems-17pbyyn

Friday:  Factoring Quiz


Week of September 18 – 22

Monday:  Function Operations

Notes:  Sept 18-183z90w

Tuesday:  Function Cards – if you did not finish in class, you need to finish and turn in tomorrow at the start of class.

function cards – colors-298lmxj

Wednesday:  Composition of Functions

Notes:  sept 20-1lfw1kq

Thursday:  Review

Friday:  Unit Test

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Week of September 11 – 15

No school Monday or Tuesday

Wednesday:  Increasing/Decreasing/Max/Min in Polynomials

Notes:  sept 13-22yue69

Thursday:  End Behavior

Notes:  sept 14-qnmpoc

Friday:  Review Activity

Week of September 4 – September 8

Monday:  Labor Day

Tuesday:  Interval Notation

Notes:  Sept 5 – 3rd-1ih5g3q

Wednesday:  Domain and Range

Notes:  Sept 6-1rnmah3

Thursday:  Intercepts

Friday:  End Behavior/Quiz

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August 28 – September 1

Monday:  Quadratic Formula

Notes:  Aug 28-1cfnrld

HW:  quad formula HW-1h8wfip

Tuesday:  Quadratic Formula

Wednesday:  Review

Thursday:  Review

Friday:  Test over Quadratics

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August 21 – August 25

Monday:  Factoring Review

Tuesday:  Solve Quadratics by Factoring

Notes: Aug 22-xaclor

Wednesday:  Solve Quadratics by Square Root

Notes: Aug 23-yn1u20

Thursday:  Solve Quadratics by Completing the Square

Notes:  Aug 24-1t4lq9i

Friday:  Review and Quiz

August 14 – August 18

Monday:  Factoring out a Greatest Common Factor

Notes:  Aug 14-vdys2h

HW:  1 – 14  on front and evens on the back

aug 14 Alg 2-y9erby

Tuesday:  Factoring a Trinomial (a = 1)

Notes:  notes 8 15 McKibbon-1sakw6x

Wednesday:  Factoring a Trinomial (a > 1)

Notes:  Notes 8 16 2017 McKibbon-2h8xhbr

Thursday:  Factoring a Trinomial (a > 1)

Friday:  Quiz over Factoring

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August 7 – August 11

Monday:  Introduction to Complex Numbers

Notes:  Aug 7-xwui7q

Homework:  Simplifying Worksheet 8 – 20 even, Multiplying worksheet 1 – 6 all

Tuesday:  Multiplying and Dividing Complex Numbers

Notes:  Aug 8-1y1d39r

Wednesday:  Complex Number Bingo

Thursday:  Review of Polynomials and Complex Numbers

Homework:  Review sheet.  Do odds for HW, do all for an extra stamp and ticket.

Friday:  Test over Polynomials and Complex Numbers

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July 31 –  August 4

Monday:  Introductions and Syllyabus

Syllabus:  Syllabus Fall 2017-2jk4qxa

Unit One Plan:  support Unit One Plan-1xhyxyg

Tuesday:  Polynomials – Naming and Simplifying

Notes:  Aug 1-21nlc7d

Wednesday:  Adding and Subtracting Polynomials

Notes: Aug 2 Notes-217325z

Thursday:  Multiplying Polynomials

Friday:  Review and Quiz

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Perform arithmetic operations with complex numbers: Understand there is a complex number i such that i^2 = -1, and every complex number has the form a+bi where a and b are real numbers.  Use the relation i^2 = -1 and the commutative, associative, and distributive properties to add, subtract, and multiply complex numbers.  Find the conjugate of a complex number; use the conjugate to find the quotient of complex numbers.

Use complex numbers in polynomial identities and equations:  Solve quadratic equations with real coefficients that have complex solutions by square roots, completing the square, and the quadratic formula.  Extend polynomial identities to include factoring with complex numbers.

Solve equations and inequalities in one variable:  Solve quadratic equations in one variable.  Solve quadratic equations by inspection, taking square roots, factoring, completing the square, and the quadratic formula.