Week of October 15 – 19

Monday:  Verify Identities

Notes:  Oct 15 – PC-13auqrt

Tuesday:  Solving Trig Equations

Notes:   Oct 16 – PC-2e6nqjf

Keys:  KEY6.1-6.2review-1za05s2  and  Key Identities Quiz Review-26wrfds

Wednesday:  Quiz

Thursday:  Sum and Difference Identities

Friday:  Double and Half Angle Identities

Week of October 8 – 12

Monday:  Midterm Review

Keys:  Pre-Calculus-Midterm-Review-F16-id2-168fypt-21wpmk3-1vxx4xo  and  Pre-Calculus-Midterm-Review-F16-not-multiple-choice-2mjm1zq-29bymbe-siqorc-1wi2li4

Tuesday:  Midterm

Wednesday:  Introduction to Identities

Thursday:  Verify Identities

Friday:  Verify Identities

Key to Test Review:  key curves review-1bcbtjg

Week of October 1 – 5

Monday:  Graphing

Notes and HW:  Oct 1 – PC-2fataax

Week of September 17 – 21

Monday:  Writing Equations from Graphs

Tuesday:  Application Problems

Wednesday:  Quiz

Thursday:  Graphing Trig Curves

Friday:  Graphing Trig Curves

Week of September 10 – 14

Monday:  Intro to Trig Test

Tuesday:  Introduction to Graphing

Sept 11 – PC-w1utgh

Wednesday:  Transformations

Thursday:  Writing Equations

Friday:  Practice with Transformations and Writing Equations

Week of September 4 – 7


Quiz Review:

Wednesday:  Quiz

Thursday:  Unit Circle/Exact Values

Notes:  u circle-177arqt

Friday:  Review  trig review-130msja

key intro to trig test review-1kl1wqu

Notes:  Sept 7 – PC-1f7ik7n

Week of  August 27 – 31

Monday:  Triangle Review

Tuesday:  Intro to Trig – Degrees

Notes:  Aug 28 – PC-109pt9c

Wednesday:  Intro to Trig – Radians

Thursday:  Radians and SOHCAHTOA

Friday:  Quiz over Intro to Trig

Week of August 20 – 24

Monday:  Project day in Computer lab – project due Monday 8/27

Tuesday:  Systems of Conics and Identifying Conics

Wednesday:  Conics Review

Thursday:  Conics Review

Friday:  Conics Test

Week of August 13 – 17

Monday:  Ellipses

Notes:  Aug 13 – PC-18uj9ql

Tuesday:  Parabolas

Notes:  Aug 14 – PC-1z4v41q

Wednesday:  Review Circle, Ellipses, and Parabolas

Thursday:  Quiz over Circles, Ellipses, and Parabolas

Friday:  Hyperbolas

Notes:  Aug 17 – PC-1bjab9e

Directions for Monday:

Conics Desmos Drawing Project Directions RUBRIC-28btgvq

Week of August 6 – 10

Monday:  Quiz over Matrices

Tuesday:  Matrices with the calculator

Wednesday:  Review

Key to Review:  KEYmatrixreviewsheet-2l64zbr

Thursday:  Test over Matrices

Friday:  Circles

Week of Aug 1 –  Aug 3

Wednesday:  Adding and Subtracting Matrices

Aug 1 PC-29oahnq

Thursday:  Multiplying Matrices

Aug 2 PC-18cui37

Friday:  Determinants and Inverses

Aug 3 PC-1rblb5a

Quiz on Monday

Syllabus:  PC Syllabus Fall 2018-21b13jr

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Week of December 11 – December 15

Monday:  No School

Tuesday:  Probability Review

Key to Review:  Unit 8 probability review without prob distr KEY-1zy65wx

Wednesday:  Probability Test

SLO Review Key:  SLO Review KEY-s67k9d

SLO Review Key (more):  More SLO Review KEY-2jvwt53

Thursday:  SLO/Exam Review

Exam Review Key:  PC exam review worked out-294qyvj

Friday:  SLO/Exam Review

More Review Key:  more pc review for final exam-pz1rn0

SLO is Monday, 12/18.  This counts as a test grade.

Final Exam is Wednesday, 12/20. 

Week of December 4 – December 8

Monday:  Probability Review

Tuesday:  Probability Review

Wednesday:  Probability Quiz

Thursday:  Expected Value

Friday:  Expected Value

Week of November 27 – December 1

Monday:  Logic Problems

Tuesday:  Counting Principle, Permutations, and Combinations

Notes:  Nov 28-118vl8l

Wednesday:  More practice over Tuesday’s lesson

Thursday:  Independent and Dependent Events

Notes:  Nov 30-2cpstf1

Friday:  Mutually Exclusive Events

Notes:  Dec 1-1jeudfj

Week of November 13 – November 17

Monday:  Distance and Midpoint of Complex Numbers

Tuesday:  Polar Complex Numbers

Wednesday:  Review

Review Key #1:  vector test review key 1-wkems9

Review Key #2:  vector test review key 2-1erwl4u

Thursday:  Review

Friday:  Unit Test

Week of November 6 – November 10

Monday:  Vector Review

Key to Review:  key vector quiz review-u8am54

Extra Vector Practice:  1 – 13 and 16 and 17

Review:  vector practice#1-1vw49tn

Key:  vector test review key 1-wjy2e2

Tuesday:  No School

Wednesday:  Vector Quiz

Thursday:  Complex #’s and Absolute Value

Notes:  Nov 9-1j757mp

Friday:  Complex to Polar

Week of October 30 – November 3

Monday:  Geometric Vectors

Tuesday:  Geometric Vectors

Wednesday:  Algebraic Vectors

Thursday:  Applications with Vectors

Friday:  Applications with Vectors

Week of October 23 – 27

Monday:  Law of Sines – continued

Notes:  Oct 23-tf9m91

Tuesday:  Law of Cosines

Notes:  Oct 25-1x68w8q

Wednesday:  Area of Triangles

Notes:  Oct 25 Area-1lcdtt4

Thursday:  Unit Review

Key to Review:  key Triangle review-20c356j

Friday:  Unit Test

Week of October 16 – 20

Monday:  Unit Review

Key to Review:  KEY identities review 1-1f770wm

Tuesday:  Unit Test

Wednesday:  Sohcahtoa

Notes:  Oct 18-2fh032p

HW:  sohcahtoa-16dphfe

Thursday:  Law of Sines

Friday:  Review of Sohcahtoa and Law of Sines

Week of October 9 – 13

Monday:  Solving Trig Equations

Notes:  Oct 9-24zq7ce

Tuesday:  Quiz Review

Key to Review:  Key Identities Quiz Review-26dod7m

Wednesday:  Quiz – No Homework

Thursday:  Sum and Difference Identities

Notes:  Oct 12-20mwtyj

Homework:  1-9, 11

Friday:  Double and Half Angle Identities

Notes:  Oct 13-1upgrup

Optional Review for Tuesday’s Test:

Week of October 2 – 6

Monday:  Midterm Review

Keys:  Pre-Calculus-Midterm-Review-F16-id2-168fypt-21wpmk3

and  Pre-Calculus-Midterm-Review-F16-not-multiple-choice-2mjm1zq-29bymbe-siqorc

Tuesday:  Midterm Test

Wednesday:  Introduction to Trig Identities

Notes:  Oct 4-17kg014

HW:  Intro to Trig Identities Wksht-yzo70a

Thursday:  Verifying Identities

Friday:  Verifying Identities

Week of September 18 – 22

Monday:  Graphing Trig Functions

Notes:  sept 18-276svrs

Tuesday:  Graphing Trig Functions

Notes:  Sept 19-1marvvy

Wednesday:  Inverse Trig Functions

Notes: sept 20-1lfw1ms

Optional graphing key:  key curves all (new)-19godsq

Thursday:  Review

Key to Review:  key curves review-1asvy4g

Friday:  Unit Test

Week of September 11 – September 15

No school on Monday and Tuesday

Wednesday:  Transformations of Graphs

Notes:  sept 13-22yuhlh

Thursday:  Writing Equations of Graphs

Friday:  Partner Quiz

Week of September 4 – September 8

Monday:  Labor Day

Tuesday:  More with Exact Values

Wednesday:  Intro to Trig Review

Key to Review:  key intro to trig test review-1k2860b

Thursday:  Intro to Trig TEST

Friday:  Intro to Trig Curves

August 28 – September 1

Monday:  Complete Radians and Arc Length

Tuesday:  Right Triangle Trig.

Review Key:  5.1-5.2 quiz review-2b147zk

Wednesday:  QUIZ

Thursday:  Unit Circle

Notes:  Unit Circle Notes-1po7tj0

Blank Unit  circle:  unitcircle-2fqkg63

Friday:  Exact Values off of Unit Circle

August 21 – August 25

Monday:  Conics Review

Key to Review:  KEYconicsreview(26problems)-1kylwxf

Key to Hyperbola Sheet: KEYhyperbola-1uxc7ju

Tuesday:  Conics Test

Wednesday:  Introduction to Trigonometry – Degrees

Notes:  Aug 23-yn1u3r

Thursday:  Radians

Friday:  Radians

August 14 – August 18

Conics Project Directions:  Conics Desmos Drawing Project Directions RUBRIC-27tgde7

Monday:  Parabolas

Keys:  KEY Parabolas-1ve7gzd  and KEY-Conics-quiz-review-zzqbmx

Tuesday:  Quiz

Wednesday:  Hyperbolas

Thursday:  SLO and Classifying Conics

Friday:  Conics Project

August 7 – August 11

Monday:  Matrix Review

Review Key:  The answer to the extra problem is 20.5 and


Tuesday:  Matrix Test

Wednesday:  Circles

Thursday:  Ellipses

Notes:  Aug 10-2fkib31

Friday:  Parabolas

July 31 – August 4

Monday:  Addition, Subtraction, and Scalar Multiplication of Matrices

Syllabus:  PreCalculus Syllabus fall 2017-1r4hduo

Notes:  IAN day one-15lebhg

Tuesday:  Multiplying Matrices and Identity Matrices

Notes:  pc Ian day two-qtpn51

Wednesday:  Finding Determinants and Inverses and Solving Matrix Equations

Notes: Aug 2-2haprku

Review:  Matrix Quiz Review fall 2017-25c0s2j

Thursday:  Quiz and Calculator Packet

Friday:  Solving Systems with Matrices and Area with Matrices

Notes:  Aug 4-1hfnb6b


In this unit students will:

  • Represent and manipulate data using matrices.
  • Define the order of a matrix as the number of rows by the number of columns.
  • Add and subtract matrices and know these operations are possible only when the dimensions are equal.
  • Recognize that matrix addition and subtraction are commutative.
  • Multiply matrices by a scalar and understand the distributive and associative properties apply to matrices.
  • Multiply matrices and know when the operation is defined.
  • Recognize that matrix multiplication is not commutative.
  • Understand and apply the properties of a zero matrix.
  • Understand and apply the properties of an identity matrix.
  • Find the determinant of a square matrix and understand that it is a nonzero value if and only if the matrix has an inverse.
  • Use 2 X 2 matrices as transformations of a plane and determine the area of the plane using the determinant
  • Write a system of linear equations as a matrix equation and use the inverse of the coefficient matrix to solve the system.