Week 24-25 (Jan 29-Feb 9)

Hello again, Spartans!

These two weeks we have done some cross-curricular study with social studies and looked at stories of the Holocaust. In Week 24 students were in groups to research and present some of the broader aspects of the event while in Week 25 we zoomed in a bit and looked at writing narratives through the lens of individuals who experienced it. A lot of what I’m seeing with our developing writers is promising, especially as we approach the Milestone! I’m looking forward to seeing more of our students Level Up!

Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday, Feb. 14- 8th Grade College Tour Field Trip & Renaissance Field Trip
  • Thursday, Feb. 15- Dance Team Field Trip
  • Friday, Feb. 16Humanitarian Awards

Have a great week!

Oscar Wilde

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Oscar Wilde

Week 22-23 (Jan 16-26)

How about those snow days?

Week 22 shaped up to be not much of anything, so a lot of what we were going to do there has bled into Week 23. We are reading excerpts from a number of pieces of Holocaust literature and using it to analyze theme, allegory, and poetry. There are some challenging topics within here and a lot of meaty historical issues to delve into as we look at one of our darkest moments in world history.

We will also have a pre-test for the linguistic concepts we will cover in Unit 3 on Friday along with our newly-instituted weekly narrative writing practice.

Upcoming Events

1/31/18 – Club Picture Day

2/2/18 – 3rd Quarter Progress Reports

Have a superb week!

Abigail Reynolds

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Abigail Reynolds, Pemberley by the Sea

Week 20-21 (Jan 4-12)

Welcome back, Spartans!

After a short break, we’re back and ready to finish up unit 2. Our final piece of work for this unit is an argumentative essay, however it’s one where students will be allowed to pick a topic of their choice. This is important because the passion that can come out in these arguments is a very real way of improving the writing within. It’s no grand statement to say that when you care about what you’re writing, you’re sure to do better!

Upcoming Events

  • 1/15/18 – MLK Holiday

Have a spectacular week!

Frank Zappa

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Frank Zappa

Week 17 (Dec 4-8)

Hello Spartans!

Apologies for the lack of posts throughout the last few weeks. We have been so engrossed in The House of the Scorpion that it has slipped my mind to check in here with you. As of this posting, we have finished the book and are entering Embedded Assessment #1 for this unit, wherein students will examine the differences and similarities between the dystopian society of the novel and our own modern-day world. I have seen quite a few excellent ideas from you guys so far, so keep it up!

Upcoming Events

  • Monday, Dec. 11th– Team Leader & SPED Meetings- Planning Periods
  • Tuesday, Dec. 12th– PL Day (ELL Reading)
  • Tuesday, Dec. 12th– 7th & 8th Grade Orchestra Concert- 6:30 pm in Theater
  • Wednesday, Dec. 13th– Spartan 300 Reward
  • Thursday, Dec. 14th– 6th Grade Orchestra Concert- 6:30 pm in Theater
  • Friday, Dec. 15th– Drama Production- 7:00 pm in Theater

Have a wonderful week!

Cassandra Clare

“Only the very weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry.”
Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel

Week 13 (Oct 30-Nov 3)

Happy Halloween, Spartans!

This week we’re knee deep in Nancy Farmer’s incredible YA novel The House of the Scorpion. The story is getting more and more intense as our main character grows older and has to learn to deal with his circumstances. Matt is having to contend with his life as a clone and the interpersonal relationships between his friends and family and those who would do him harm.

Springboard Activities This Week

Activity 2.5

Upcoming Events

Student Holiday – Tuesday, November 7th

Multicultural Night – Thursday, November 9th

Have a stupendous week!

Elon Musk

“Constantly seek criticism. A well thought out critique of whatever you’re doing is as valuable as gold.”
Elon Musk

Week 12 (Oct 23-27)

This week we’re getting into our class novel for Unit 2, Nancy Farmer’s excellent dystopian YA novel The House of the Scorpion. This book tells the story of a young boy who is the clone of a ruthless, tyrannical ruler. It ties in with our second unit, “The Challenge of Utopia” as we ask ourselves such essential question as “is a utopia possible” and “what can cause a dystopia to occur?” We’ll be comparing the world of our fiction to reality and doing a character study of the protagonist, Matt.

Springboard Activities This Week

Activity 2.4

Upcoming Events

Red Ribbon Week – Wednesday Oct 25th through Tuesday October 31st

Have a sensational week!

George Bernard Shaw

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
George Bernard Shaw


Week 9-10 (Oct 2-13)

Hopefully your Fall Break was a pleasant one! These two weeks are all about gearing up for and completing Embedded Assessment 2 (pg. 99 in the Springboard textbook).

In Week 9 students will be focusing on organization techniques, transitions, and the elements of an introduction all in the service of writing a better essay.

Week 10 is a jam packed one, focusing on drafting EA2 itself. Most of the week will be focused on that, so it is imperative that students do not miss classes. We will be drafting this essay entirely on the laptops, so there will also be some cursory education in Microsoft Word – it’s astounding how simple things in that elderly program can be so difficult to newbies! Luckily we’re all here to work through it together.

Additionally, I want to implore students and parents to come to Curriculum Night on October 10th. It will be a good time with prizes, snacks, and of course the ability to see what is actually going on within these hallowed halls.

Upcoming Events

Curriculum Night – Tuesday, October 10th @ 6:00 PM

PSAT Testing – Wednesday, October 11th

Early Release Day – Thursday, October 12th

Conference Week – Next Week!

Have a great week!

Gerard Way

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