STEM Donations Needed

We are gearing up for our most important STEM Days yet! A team from AdvancED will be visiting our school to consider us for international STEM certification! Please help us by sending in donations of the following materials by May 9th. Your support makes exciting days like this possible!


• Vegetable oil
• Masking tape
• Empty Water Bottles
• Zip top sandwich or quart sized bags
• White Plastic or Styrofoam Disposable Bowls
• Light colored knee high hose
• 16 plastic cups
• Boxes of Aluminum Foil
• Bubble Wrap
• Coffee filters (round)
• White Poster Board
• Cotton Balls
• Kitchen sponges without scrubber/scratchy side
• Thin Dowel Rods or Chopsticks
• Cotton Batting
• Felt (any size or color)
• Cheesecloth

You can drop off donations in Ms. Charyna’s STEM Lab, STEM-Mart, or in Mrs. Olotka’s office.

Want to save a trip to the store? Check out our Amazon Wish List at:

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Target/ALP SLO Testing Notification

The Cobb County School District will implement Student Learning Objective Assessments (SLOs) during the 2017 – 2018 school year. These assessments consist of a pre-test in August and a post-test in May.

SLOs are subject-specific learning objectives that provide growth measures for student learning. Teams of Cobb County teachers throughout the district developed the SLO assessments that we will administer this year.  Students will take the SLO assessments for Physical Education, Art, and Music.  In addition, if your student receives gifted services in  grades 3rd or 4th they will take the SLO Advanced Learning Program assessment.

For the 2017 – 2018 school year, the SLO implementation requires teachers to use assessments to determine student growth over the course of the year. The results of these assessments ensure that students, teachers, and schools are moving toward a common vision of exemplary instruction and high levels of student academic growth.

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Comcast Cares Day 4/21/18

Start Time: April 21, 2018 8:00 AM End Time: April 21, 2018 2:00 PM 

Click here to register as a volunteer

Outdoor Projects

  • 3rd grade: Sensory Path way, interactive art area, sound area, storage shed, Bird sanctuary, bird/flower/butter flower garden, wheel chair accessible gardens, regular raise garden, sundial, math station, covered sand area, small lower basketball goals
  • 4th grade: Thrive in the Hive – building a bee sanctuary to help pollinate our gardens and help the environment. Building Bee Hotels and gardens
  • 5th grade: WaterShed Wonders  – Shore-up the sidewalk to back of neighborhood and add vegetation to area, Create “steps” to the nature trail out of chicken wire and rocks, Creating “French drain”, Creating a river rock garden.
  • Pressure wash cottages
  • Repaint 4 Square games

Indoor Projects: Gym painted 

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Milestones (EOGT) Target Schedule

Target classes will not meet during the EOGT/Milestones on testing days, or make-up testing days.  This will be between April 10 to April 19th.  ALP teachers will be providing testing support by: testing small groups, giving make-up tests, filling in for absent classroom teachers, and other testing related duties.  Students have been asked to record these dates in their planner/agenda and share them with their parents.

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Eagle Awards 3/23/28

In order to compensate for lost instructional time due to inclement weather earlier in the school year we have decided that this 9 week’s awards ceremony will be held in the classroom on Friday for teachers and students. As always we want to recognize your children for their hard work and for following our Eagle Expectations.
Thank you,

Eagle PBIS Team

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KSU Physics Day for Elementary and Middle School Students.

Download a flyer here -> KSUphysdayflyer-2hhbwga

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Summer Enrichment Academy (SEA) Invitations

Summer Enrichment Academy (SEA) Invitations from the Cobb County ALP office were sent home to qualifying students in Thursday folders on 2/8/18.  The criteria for an invitation is 95% composite on the Iowa.

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Sanitizing Wipes Donations

Sanitizing Wipes Donations

The Flu season this year has hit our supplies hard. We only have one container of sanitizing wipes left.  Please help us fight off the virus by making a donation to our class!  Thank you.

~ The Target Kids in room 101

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Virtually visit Mr. McAllister’s Classroom

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PTA Annual Fundraiser Ends Friday


We are nearing the end of our fundraiser, and we want to thank everyone who has showed their support. Each item sold goes towards providing things for our school that would not be possible without your participation. If you have not had a chance to register online or sell items in-person, there is still time! Your participation makes a difference!

Helping is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Sign Up, Set Up & Share… and it only takes a few minutes, if you have not done so already!  Sign Up! Click on the link to get started! 

  • Set Up! Personalize your own support site by choosing your everyday Hero Theme, creating an Avatar, and uploading a Personalized Video.  
  • Share! Most importantly, share through email, text and Facebook; and please share the brochures that came home in the packets with everyone you know. We make it easy to share with family and friends near and far. Take it to work, show it to friends and family, and Be The Change for our school! 

Remember, our school has an opportunity to host an Erin Bowman concert as a reward for the best participation! This family-friendly concert would be a positive experience for our school community. Also, students who upload their personalized video will also have the opportunity to be selected to appear in Erin’s official music video for “Be The Change”. With your participation, you will be a hero for our school! Stand Up, Stand Out, Reach Up, and Reach out; and by working together, we can Be The Change for our school!

Cherrydale has an amazing product selection that your family and friends will love. These products include gourmet foods, designer jewelry, stylish home décor, and more from great brands such as Tervis, Woodwick, Otis Spunkmeyer and Cherrydale Chocolates.

Click on the link below to register and Be the Change!

Cherrydale is a trusted and experienced fundraising company, that provides innovative services to raise funds and awareness for schools and non-profits to promote acts of kindness and ignite social change, since 1907.

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