Thursday, December 17th


MATH 7 and ADV:ef491909003c3c67838c437d777faa47

  1. POW 18
  2. Continue Shopping Unit Rate project (DUE FRIDAY)
  3. POW due tomorrow!
  4. HW: Make sure you have all materials to turn in Friday

MATH 7/8:

  1. POW 18
  2. MATH CACHING continues in the lab.  Scroll down to Tuesday post to see links!
  3. HW: Must have Basic and Pre-Algebra Cache ready to turn in on Friday!  Grading POW Friday too!

Wednesday December 16th


MATH 7 and ADV 7:

  1. POW 18
  2. Continue with Unit Rate Shopping Project
  3. HW: finish all long division for unit rates

MATH 7/8:

  1. POW 18
  2. POWERS of 10 video
  3. Intro to Scientific Notation
  4. HW:  Be sure you are finished with the Basic Cache, we start the pre-algebra cache tomorrow!!

Tuesday, December 15th


MATH 7 and ADV 7:countdown-to-the-holidays

  1. POW 18
  2. Begin Shopping Unit Rate PROJECT.
  3. Today students were to cut out 10 ads from paper circulars and compute unit rate on notebook paper for the 10 ads.
  4. Project is due at end of class FRIDAY.   This is a test grade.  Any student who is not finished will have to finish over the break.
  5. NO HW

MATH 7/8:

Keep working on POW 18


HW: Finish the Basic level cache.  Use the link on the blog.


Monday, December 14th


Happy Last Week of School before break!!!53750-Keep-Calm-The-Holidays-Are-Coming


  1. Start POW 18 – this will go on semester 2.
  2. Return and correct test
  3. NO HW (finish corrections if needed)

MATH 7/8 Update!!

Unit 5 Exponent Laws TEST is now a CW grade for accuracy after corrections.  We will retake this test after we return from break.  BE READY!!!!

Tuesday, December 8


MATH 7 and ADV 7:55036158

  1.  POW 17
  2. Check HW
  3. Block 1& 6 practiced Unit Rate
  4. Block 7 practiced complex fractions and measurement ratio conversions.
  5. HW: Finish WS and continue to study for your test Friday

MATH 7/8:6c012370c5d32642eb8745a3f563b356

  1. POW 17
  2. Check Packet Negative Exponents
  3. Begin Exponent Packet #2
  4. HW: Finish selected problems on page 1 Front and Back only. Continue to study for your test on Friday

Monday, December 7


Math 7 and Adv 7:  LAST TEST ANNOUNCED for Friday!! Ratio and Unit Rate

  1. POW 17
  2. Review Unit Rate WS from Friday.
  3. HW: Finish any problems left on WS

Math 7/8:  LAST TEST ANNOUNCED for Friday!! Exponents Rules

  1. POW 17
  2. Check Packet problems
  3. Practice Negative Exponents
  4. HW:  Finish Packet problems