Friday, September 23rd


NO HW over Break!  Enjoy a relaxing week to rest and recharge.

Class Today:635483276296626801-791788210_keep-calm-its-almost-fall-break

  1. Grade POW
  2. Take Touchstone

Reminder that Test corrections are due the Wed. after we return from break.  I have a copy of “HOW  TO” solve each test question here!  Check it out!img_7908 img_7910 img_7911 img_7912 img_7913 img_7914 img_7915img_7909img_7910img_7911img_7912img_7913img_7914img_7915

Thursday September 22nd


Back to normal Schedule today.

MATH 7 Advanced:

  1. POW time.  Only completing Wed. and  Thursday due to testing.
  2. Like terms and distributive property extension for AC.
  3. HW: finish WS
  4. BONUS offered for difficult order of operations WS (+5) test bonus if work shown step by step on notebook paper.
  5. POW grading tomorrow!

MATH 7:9922415

  1. POW time. Do not do Wed. problems – we did not meet for class that day!
  2. Return Test and begin correction sheet for 1/2 points back!
  3. Corrections due Wed. October 5th.
  4. HW: Corrections for the test

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Still testing IOWA…….

Block 3 today:

"Nice try, but you can't blame a messy room on standardized testing."

“Nice try, but you can’t blame a messy room on standardized testing.”

  1. Test Corrections
  2. Property Match
  3. POW time too!
  4. NO HW

Blocks 6 & 7 today:

  1. Foldables for new unit & Parent letter!
  3. NO HW

Monday September 19th


IOWA testing continues!

Today I met with Blocks 3 – 6 – 7tumblr_lkqqfjZCSt1qbahkco1_400_large

Block 3:

  1. Graded POW 6
  2. Started POW 7
  3. Lesson: Properties
  4. Practice: WS matching with table partner
  5. NO HW

Block 6 and 7:

  1. Finish Test
  2. Collected POW 6
  3. Started POW 7
  4. No HW

Friday, September 16th


Math Block 3:footballmath

  1. POW time (Pow is due Monday)
  2. Cut Foldables for OMG new Unit 2
  3. Unit 2 parent letter
  4. NO HW

Math Block 4-5:

  1. Grade POW 6
  2. Discuss Properties of math with addition and multiplication
  3. Partner WS practice on identifying properties
  4. NO HW

Tuesday, September 13th




  1. POW time.
  2. Grade Study Guide
  3. Study Hall with Mrs. Davis – correct all errors
  4. Tomorrow you will turn in your Study Guide and Quiz.  Those who completed Quiz corrections will get 1/2 points back on the Quiz grade!
  5. HW: STUDY FOR TEST: correct all errors on QUIZ, Study Guide, HW problems – Review OMG notes, foldables and examples.

Thursday, September 8th


MATH QUIZ TOMORROW – Fractions/Decimals/Distributive Property/ Conversions of Fraction-Decimal, comparing fractions, ordering fractions!

POW 5 will be graded tomorrow!


  1. POW time
  2. Check HW: Decimal computation WS Evens
  3. Notes DISTRIBUTIVE property
  4. CW: Practice and examples
  5. HW: WS EOE (Every Other Even)