Wednesday, September13th


MATH 7 today:

  1. POW 6 started today, Mrs. Davis did Monday and Tuesday problems with the class.  Work Wed. problems today, still will grade on Friday.
  2. Return TESTS – Re-Test announced for Friday 8:15 am!  Do your corrections on notebook paper with parent signature (I am out of forms!!!)
  3. Touchstone Unit 1: Milestone style problems.
  4. NO HW


Tuesday, September 5th


Math Today:

  1. POW #5 – Mrs. Davis did all 4 Monday problems with you in class today 🙂
  2. Mini-Foldable Decimal Review for OMG
  3. Begin Study Guide for Unit 1 B Rational TEST
  4. HW: Finish Study Guide
  5. TEST IS THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, SEPTEMBER 1st


Math today:

  1. Grade POW #4
  2. Return/Review/Correct QUIZ 
  3. Correction Sheet required if you scored < 80%
  4. Notes required if you scored <81%
  5. HW: None


  • TUESDAY, Sept. 5th at 8:15 am is Unit 1 Integer RE- TEST
  • WEDNESDAY, Sept. 6th at 8:15 am is  RE-QUIZ on Fractions
  • TEST OVER UNIT 1 part 2 Fractions and Decimals is Thursday, Sept. 7th.  You will get your Study Guide on Tuesday.