Ms. Guarino's 5th Grade Class at Blackwell ES

Vietnam Novels

We will be beginning new literature, historical fiction around the Vietnam War.

Cracker Shooting the Moon Into No Man’s Land
April 12 Read in class Ch 1-2 Ch 1-2 Dec 25 – pg 18
April 13 Discuss in class
April 16 Read in class Ch 3-4 Ch 3-4 Pg 18-Dec 29
April 17 Discuss in class
April 19 Discuss Ch 5-6 Ch 5-6 Dec 29-end pg 43
April 23 Discuss Ch 7-10 Ch 7 Jan 4 p44-jan 10 p 55
April 26 Discuss Ch 11-12 Ch 8 Jan 10 p 55-jan 20 p 71
April 30 Discuss Ch 13-14 Ch 9-10 Jan 20 p 71-p87 end
May 1 Discuss Ch 15-16 Ch 11 Jan 23 p 88-feb 5 p 109
May 3 Discuss Ch 17-18 Ch 12 Feb 5 p 109 – p.132
May 7 Discuss Ch 19-21 Ch 13 Feb 29 p 133-148
May 9 Discuss Ch 22-25 Ch 14 Mar 29 p 149-162
May 10 Discuss Ch 26-29 Ch 15 Apr 17-end p 178
May 11 Discuss Ch 30-31 Ch 16 Epilogue and historical note
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Testing has been going well. Students were ROCK STARS who persevered through a double session today in ELA.  Tomorrow is the first part of the Math Milestones.  Students will be bringing home their math folder.  A little review goes a long way!


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Spring Break


Students and Parents,

Happy Spring Break.  But immediately after that, Georgia Milestone Testing will begin.

I do not believe that one test defines a person’s ability level, however, I do want students to try their very best each day of testing because those scores do define the classes that you are placed in during your first year of middle school.  It is not about finishing first, because there is nothing to do but sit there until time is up. It is about perseverance and making sure you have completed every question to the best of your ability.

Students, I know that each one of you has learned a lot this year, and you all have your own unique strengths.  Parents, we’ve worked hard to practice and learn how to eliminate answers that don’t make sense, so I am confident that students are fully prepared for the real thing.

The math and reading practice tests are enclosed in student Take Home Folders, and students have their MY MATH books already home in case of further practice.

The testing schedule is as follows:

ü  Tuesday, April 10: ELA section 1

ü  Wednesday, April 11: ELA section 2 and 3 – this is going to be the longest day, and includes writing!

ü  Thursday, April 12: Math Section 1

ü  Friday, April 13: Math Section 2

ü  Monday, April 16: Science Section 1 and 2

ü  Tuesday, April 17: Social Studies Section 1 and 2

Parents, here is how you can help! Everyone needs to have a positive experience in the mornings of these assessment days. A good attitude and believing in yourself is ½ the battle of doing well on a test. Help your children by ensuring they get a good night’s sleep, have breakfast in the am, and walk out the door feeling like a rockstar ready to conquer the world!  Being on time is key, as if students are late, they will not be allowed up to the room and have to take the make-up test.

I will ensure they have a positive morning experience, get an uplifting message and a mint on their desks, and testing begins right away in the morning.

Our lunch schedule is the same, but we go to specials at the end of the day during testing 1:15-2pm.

Students, you’ve got this! Your parents and I are here to support you and ensure that you feel more than ready!



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STEAM Night Mar 29

Hello Blackwell Families! Our Art Show is in conjunction with STEAM Night. The Show will be open for sales on March 29th from 5:00p-7:00p. If you do not think you will be able to attend the show but you still want to purchase your child’s artwork, please submit the required information below.You can pre-order the artwork until March 29th.  Once we have received payment, the artwork will be available for pick up on March 30th.  YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ORDER YOUR CHILD”S ART WORK AFTER MARCH 29th! If you have any questions please email [email protected] Thank you!

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March 15


Tuesday folders are coming home. (Sorry – no grade checklists – I had a lot of papers to check….)

I gave all the math papers back yesterday that needed to be redone.

The end of the 3rd 9 weeks is tomorrow, but I will accept work until Friday.


Rock Eagle Participants: Please pay particular attention to 2 items of note:

1)      Note the parent meeting scheduled for April 26. If you are chaperoning, or your child takes medication, we ask that you please attend.

2)      RED MEDICAL FORMS – these are due back for EVERY PARTICIPANT by Friday of this week.

Packing list early so you don’t throw out those old clothes during spring cleaning.  J


We completed Polygon Review today, and will be taking pop quiz on Friday.

Novel Assessments will be before spring break.


Congrats to all who were in the talent show and the Machine show last Thursday evening! Both were spectacular.

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Middle School: McClesky?

McCleskey Middle School Counselors will be at Blackwell this Thursday, February 8, at 8:15 a.m. to discuss the transition to middle school.  Please come if your child will be attending McCleskey next year.  They will be able to answer any questions and address any concerns with this next stage of your child’s education.  The meeting will take place in the Counselors’ Group Room.

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Jan 23

Important info:

1)      Math: Homework last night on line plots.

Yesterday we reviewed strategies for using fractions as another way to divide and the quotient is a decimal.  I feel a quiz coming on in regards to this on Friday. J

Fractions:  I sent home pages for review, and the answer keys are posted on the blog – see link below.

Test on Fractions will be Monday, Jan 29.

2)      Lunch Menu changes:

Wednesday will be popcorn chicken, baked potato and popcorn chicken salad.  Thursday will be pizza, deli sub and grilled chicken and fruit salad.  Friday will be Chicken Nuggets, lasagna, and Asian chicken salad.  The yogurt and peanut butter packs will also be available.  

I shared all of these changes with the students, so they are aware.  

3)      Blackwell 90th Bday Open House Sunday, Jan 28 from 2-4pm. All are welcome!

 4)      After School Tutoring

This semester, everything has changed. I am not available to tutor on my own, as I am officially tutoring a group after school.  There were only 3 people from each class selected for tutoring – 1 for reading and 2 for math.  If any spots open up, I will let you know.

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January 22, 2018

Welcome back after such a spotty return from Winter Break. All Talent Show applications are due Wed, Jan 25.

Blackwell 90th Birthday Open House is this Sunday, Jan 28 from 2-4pm. Everyone is welcome.

Reading Logs will come home in Tuesday Folders tomorrow. None due for tomorrow.


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Fundraiser This Saturday


to benefit Jenny Lane

WHERE:  Blackwell Elementary School cafeteria

WHEN: This Saturday, December 16th, 8:00am-10:00am

WHY:  Jenny Lane, sister of Blackwell’s Teacher of the Year, 3rd grade teacher Liz Chandler, was injured in a horrible accident this past weekend.  While out walking in the snow with her husband and son, a tree branch fell on her, hitting her in the head and severing her spinal column, which has caused permanent paralysis. Jenny has a long road to recovery, and she and her family need any and all help from Blackwell and its surrounding communities.

Individual donuts and donuts by the dozen will be available for a minimum donation.  Additional donations are also welcome.  Please consider stopping by the school, enjoying a donut (or two), and making a donation.

SANTA will be here for pictures, too!

If you are unable to stop by the school on Saturday but would still like to make a donation, please go to: 


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Ms. G’s Goals


These are my 3 goals to accomplish before Winter Break:

  1. Write our informational essay that we’ve been researching
  2. Complete Pop Up Book
  3. Math – make sure everyone understands how to add, subtract, and multiply fractions and mixed numbers so we can input touchstones
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