No Place For Hate Week

October 23-27 2017 is No Place For Hate Week

Please take time to discuss these concepts with your child to reinforce the culture that kindness and tolerance make the world a better place. Thanks for making our community a great place to live!

MONDAY: ‘No Place For Hate’ Kick off Day:

  • Focus: We will hand out ‘No Place for Hate’ stickers (and 5th graders will get cool bracelets). Today is the day students sign NPFH Promise.
  • You can wear: Students & staff can wear No Place for Hate colors of black and yellow of a No Place for Hate shirt to show our commitment to being a safe place to learn.

TUESDAY: We Are All Same, We are All Different

  • Focus: In our diverse world we all have things that make us unique and things that we have in common. We will focus on how we are all part of different houses (Spike, Max, Blackwell and Bulldog), but we are all part of the Blackwell Elementary family.
  • You can wear:   You can wear you “house” colors or a Blackwell shirt. Reminder of house colors: Spike=Yellow/Gold  Max=Purple     Blackwell=Blue   Bulldog= Black/Silver

WEDNESDAY: Be Someone’s Hero Day:

  • Focus: Being someone’s hero means that you stand up for them when they need help. We’ll focus on how we can improve being an upstanding member of our community.
  • You can wear: You can dress up as Super Hero or as a Community Helper Hero.

THURSDAY: It’s a “Wonder”ful Day #choosekind

  • Focus: The movie “Wonder” is coming out soon. The theme of the movie is acceptance and kindness, so that’s our focus for the day. Mrs. Shackleford will be reading the children’s book called “We are all Wonders” by RJ Palacio to emphasize the need for tolerance in our world and in our school.
  • You can wear:   Wear a shirt with a positive message today. If you don’t have one, you can make a sticker or sign with a message reflecting kindness and acceptance.

Friday: Diversity Day

  • Focus: Each student at Blackwell comes from a unique culture and heritage. We will be celebrating all of the differences that make our community unique. Each class will be celebrating this day with different activities and opportunities to share.
  • You can bring:   Each classroom teacher might have a different way to celebrate diversity day. Students can bring something special they want to share about their heritage/culture. This can be a photo of a family tradition or a CD of music special to your family.

10/11 Second Quarter

Second Quarter is here, and we all have a fresh start. The students and I have had a community meeting to improve our use of kindness and inclusion at recess, and to streamline what is happening in rotations. We are also adding some “songs” to our end of day music.

We also learned how to log our reading minutes online in a program called Biblionasium and we are going to be trying that out these next few weeks to see if it works for us rather than a written Reading Log. Stay Tuned for official directions!

10/12 Thursday – Early Release

10/16-20 Conference Week

10/23-27 No Place For Hate Week

—we learned some new, exciting technology called StikBots, and we will be making some “movies” to show during No Place for Hate Week