Summer Reading Lists


Summer Reading Lists

Questions about summer reading?

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Summer Reading Lists




9th Grade


Honors 9th Lit Summer Reading 2017-2018-1g0im6w

ISLA Honors 9th Lit Summer Reading 2017-2018-1c56zl0

10th Grade

World Lit Summer Reading Assignment 2017-2018-17b00ls

Honors American Lit Summer Reading 2017-2018-18x8oqh

ISLA Honors American Lit Summer Reading 2017-2018 – Copy-q2x209

11th Grade

American Literature Summer Reading 2016-2017-y9fn8a

Honors World Lit Summer Reading Assignment 2017-2018-2650jkq

AP Language Summer Reading 2017-18-1ulwihw

12th Grade

Brit Lit summer reading 2017-2018-292dzbc

Multicultural-Lit-2017-2018-summer reading-1f7aq6i

Honors British Literature Summer Reading 2017-2018-2h7xbr3

AP Literature Summer Reading 2017-2018-1b2gc92



Have a great summer vacation!!!!!!!


7 comments on “Summer Reading Lists
  1. Leslie Toledo says:

    What if your a senior and you have AP Lang ?

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Hello I have 9th lit and isla honors 9th lit i I don’t know which one to choose

  3. Jennifer spurlock says:

    Hello,im a 10th grader and my scedual for second semester says i have honors world lit but i only see that option under 11th grade classes .

  4. Cheese Sprinkles says:

    This is why teen suicide is on the rise

  5. poo sprinkles says:

    ms jones is hot as fuuuuuucckkk

  6. Piss Sprinkles says:

    kms tbh ngl imo

  7. Jennifer says:

    Are you sure your even ready for English class ?

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