Welcome Back!

Welcome back students and parents!
I am excited to be moving into a new position this year. This year, I will be joining Katie Walker and Brook Rozen on the EIP Team.
I will also be the 504 Coordinator and Intervention Specialist.

I look forward to welcoming all of the students back on Wednesday!

Summer Reading Information

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The Summer Reading Challenge begins May 24th and ends July 31st.

The Cobb County School District is partnering again with Cobb and Smyrna Public Libraries for our Summer Reading Challenge! This year we challenge all students to read and log at least 1,500 minutes using Biblionasium. All K-8 students already have Biblionasium accounts and can log in with their student number and school computer password. Before contacting your local library or CCSD’s customer care line, please read the Parent FAQs below.

Reading throughout the summer for at least 20 minutes a day helps students maintain learning gains made in school and starts the upcoming new school year off right. These resources can help:

CCSD Library Media Education: Visit www.cobbsummerreading.com for reading resources, ebooks, reading suggestions, and links to learning resources, such as the Cobb Digital Library.

Cobb and Smyrna Public Libraries: Visit www.cobbcat.org/srp for more information about summer reading programming and this year’s theme of “Libraries Rock!” Students can attend summer reading events and win prizes. Be sure to mark your calendars for the Summer Reading Kickoff on June 2nd at the Switzer branch in Marietta!

Biblionasium: All K-8 students Cobb students have direct access to log minutes at www.biblionasium.com/summerreading. Use your student number and school computer password to log in. If prompted, enter the state of Georgia and your school.

For help with your username and password, please call CCSD Customer Care:

Mon.–Thurs. 7:30am to 5pm
May 29th – July 27th

2018 FAQ for Parents

How does my student log minutes for the Summer Reading Challenge?

Visit www.biblionasium.com/summerreading and choose the middle box for the Cobb County School District; students login using student number and the password used to log into the computer at school. If prompted, enter the state of Georgia and your school.

Important: FIRST, add books to your Biblionasium bookshelf and THEN, log minutes in the reading log.

What do I do if my student forgot his/her username or password?

Call the Cobb County School District Customer Care Center at 770-514-2500. Hours are Monday – Thursday, 7 am – 5:30 pm, from May 29th through July 27th.

When does the CCSD Summer Reading Challenge 2018 begin and end?
The Summer Reading Challenge begins May 24th, the first day of summer break, and ends July 31st, the last day of summer break.

Where can I find additional resources for summer reading?

In addition to your local school’s website, many resources are located at www.cobbsummerreading.com. Additionally, the Cobb County School District has partnered with Cobb County Public Libraries, Smyrna Public Library, and Marietta City Schools to support a county-wide reading challenge for students of 1,500 minutes.

My student is a rising 6th grader or rising 9th grader. How does that impact the Summer Reading Challenge?

When logging into Biblionasium, students may be prompted to choose their school. Rising students should choose their previous school throughout the summer.

Why should students participate in a Summer Reading Program?
Research shows that many children experience what is often called “summer slide,” when students are exposed to fewer educational opportunities and, as a result, lose some of the gains made in school during the year. By actively participating in a summer reading program, studies show that students often maintain or improve their reading abilities throughout the summer.*

Why is the challenge for students to read 1,500 minutes?

Studies show that reading 20 or more minutes a day prevents summer learning loss. If students read approximately 20 minutes a day during summer break, they will reach 1,500 minutes.*

How does the CCSD Summer Reading Program encourage students to read?
Biblionasium is a subscription website that K-8 CCSD students have access to all year, starting with the ‘17-’18 school year. Students can use Biblionasium to keep track of books they’ve read and create a list of books they want to read. Log your minutes to see how much you’re reading this summer!

What should we do if we have difficulty accessing the internet?
Students may write their minutes on a paper log that contains the following information: student’s name, date, minutes read, title of book. Please bring your reading log to your school library media specialist at the beginning of the school year.

Is there a suggested book list?
A key factor in cultivating lifelong reading is being able to choose what to read, so students are free to read books they choose. For book suggestions, please visit our Reading Resources page or stop by your local public library. Your library media specialist may also provide suggestions prior to the end of school. *Note: Some schools and/or classes do have required reading. Please verify with your local school.

End of the Year Dates!

Dates to Remember: 

Friday, May 11th- Poetry Parade 8:30 am in the cafeteria. Please join us afterwards for a small celebration in the classroom! *STUDENTS WEAR RED CLASS T-SHIRT*

Monday, May 14th- Field Day- *STUDENTS WEAR RED CLASS T-SHIRT*

Wednesday, May 16th- Staff Kickball Tournament against Tritt Elementary Staff at Mt. Bethel 4:00-5ish. Please come and cheer on Mt. Bethel in our kickball game against Tritt Elementary School! You may even see Mrs. Vanderhave on the cheer/dance team 😉

Thursday, May 17th- High Touch High Tech in-house Field Trip (Please send in permission forms if you have not already)

Monday, May 21st- End of the Year Class Celebration 10:00-11:00. Please check on Shutterfly for ways to volunteer to celebrate your child’s amazing accomplishments this year! We will celebrate in the outdoor classroom with games, food and fun! Please be sure to still check in at the front office before joining us!

Tuesday, May 22nd- Early Release *NO BOOK BAGS*

Wednesday, May 23rd- Early Release, Last Day of School *NO BOOK BAGS*

Class Information:

Yesterday, we started  sending home folders and workbooks with the students so their back packs don’t get too heavy at the end of the year. As you may notice, the math workbook has been used a limited amount this year. We have been working on our skills using hands-on resources and manipulatives and have strayed away from using paper as much. Please use the notebook if you feel as if your child needs additional work over the summer.

April 23-27

Reading: We have really been working on how to be AVID readers with storybooks. This week we will start working on how to be AVID readers of nonfiction books. I am really excited about this week in reading. We will learn how to become experts on nonfiction topics and how to have meaningful discussions with our partners on our topics. We will learn that Avid Nonfiction Readers: 1. Think WOW! 2. Ask questions 3. Use Fancy Words (words that are important to the topic)

We will kick off our nonfiction unit with this BBC video about Venus Flytraps. It will definitely make us say WOW, ask questions, and learn some “fancy” words.

We love using anchor charts in the classroom to help guide our discussions with our partners. I attached the anchor chart we use in class. I hope this will help to guide discussion about nonfiction books at home. We all love partner reading and when at home, you are your child’s partner!

Avid Non-Fiction Reader Chart

Writing: This week in writing we will be working on informational pieces. This will tie in great with our unit on how to be an avid non-fiction reader. We will be learning how writers can write to teach. At the end of our nonfiction unit we will write our very own non-fiction book!

Math: I continue to be amazed how great everyone is doing on their math facts! This week we will review 2D and 3D shapes. in order to help your child hold onto and grasp the difference between plane (flat) shapes and solid (fat) shapes go on a 2D and 3D shape hunt around your house.

Brainpopjr. has great videos that explain the difference between plane and solid shapes. You can access brainpopjr through the Cobb Digital Library.


Important Dates to Remember:

Wednesday, May 2nd- Rising Kindergarten Orientation- 9:00 am- Only plan on attending if you have an upcoming kindergartner.

May 11th- Poetry Parade 8:30 am in the cafeteria- The poems that we are reciting as a class were sent home in your child’s green folder. Please make sure you are practicing at home. If you have misplaced the poems please let me know so I can send home another copy.

Monday, May 14th- Field Day- More information to come.

Tuesday, May 22nd- Early Release

Wednesday, May 23rd- Early Release, Last Day of School

March 26-30

Thank you all so much for the love and appreciate you showed me on my birthday last week. I continue to be blown away by all of the love and support Mount Bethel parents and students give each day! I am so lucky to be a MBE Buccaneer!

What We Are Learning: 

OG: This week we have been reviewing all we have learned so far this year: digraphs, blends, open/closed syllable, Floss Rule, and much much more! When we return from Spring Break we will jump right into learning the silent e rule.

Reading: The students will learn the meaning of an “avid reader” and how to become an “avid reader”. An avid reader finds places everywhere to read, reads a lot, keeps a stack of books-in-waiting, can’t stop reading, really pays attention to the book, and feels what the characters are feeling.

I love how some students are stopping while they are reading to think and infer. They are already becoming avid readers!

***Please keep working on comprehension at home. When assessing this week, I noticed that we are still having a little trouble when retelling the story after reading. A great way to help with this is to have your student tell you what happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the story.

Writing: This week we have been working on writing How To papers. We learned that as a How To writer you must follow three steps:

  1. Tell what to do in steps
  2. Number the steps
  3. Has a picture for each step

We have also been using transition words such as: first, second, third, then, next, finally

Fun at home project: Have your child write a How To and together see if you can follow the steps to correctly do or make what they were writing about. We have been talking about how you have to be specific and detailed about the steps in order to correctly complete the project. It will be fun and most likely funny to see if you can get it correct the first time just from their directions!

Math: We have been reviewing addition and subtraction this week. We have also been reviewing position words such as: in, out, above, below, next to, under, etc.

Social Studies: We are continuing to work on our American Symbol digital books with Mrs. Kindschy. They will be finished soon!

I hope every one enjoys their Spring Break & don’t forget to read!

Words to Know

We have been working really hard to read by sight our trick words. I assessed last week and almost everyone can read all 75 words. Now that we know how to read them we are going to work on mastering spelling them. I have attached the list and ask that if you have time at home to please practice spelling them. Half of the list are words they can sound out to spell and the other half of the list are “trick” words and cannot be sounded out.


Book Fair

Our Spring Book Fair is here! We are happy to welcome Bedford Falls Book Fair back to MBE. We had a record-breaking sale last Fall and hope to continue that trend with this Spring’s fair.


Friday, March 16th 7:15-2:00
Monday, March 19th 7:15-2:00
Tuesday, March 20th 7:15-6:00
Wednesday, March 21st 7:15-2:00
Thursday, March 22nd 7:15-6:00

We will be sending the students to the book fair each morning independently if they have money. After All-Pro Dads tomorrow is a great time for Dads to take them to the book fair (warning: the lines are usually long after this breakfast). Another great time to attend would be on Tuesday and Thursday because the book fair will be open later both days. This would give you the opportunity to check out the books and see which would be the best fit.

Happy shopping!

March 5-9

Trick Words: Please keep working on sight words at home. In order to receive a 3 on the report card this nine weeks, students must read 50 words.

In these upcoming weeks we will be assessing the students to prepare for report card distribution, so we will review standards previously taught and work with students that need additional support in certain areas.

The following reading standards will be reviewed and assessed:

RL 1: asks and answers questions about key details in a literary text
KRF2c: blend and segment onsets and rime of single syllable words
L4a: Identify new meanings for familiar words and apply them accurately

The following math standards will be reviewed and assessed:
Consistently represents addition and subtraction within 5
Consistently solves addition and subtraction word problems within 5

Reading: We will dive deep into thinking about characters this week. We will look for clues in books to tell us more about how characters feel and what they are thinking. We will also continue rereading our books to read them more fluently.

Writing: The students are becoming such strong writers! It is unbelievable to see how far they have come since the beginning of the school year. This week we are focusing on the Lucy Calkins unit of Persuasive writing. We have talked about how “Writers Write to Make the World Better.” We talked about how writers 1. See a Problem 2. Think about how to fix the problem 3. Write to help solve. We have been looking at problems we see in the school and writing to convince peers how to fix these problems. Some of our problems have included: not throwing food on the lunchroom floor, not stepping in mud at recess, and the importance of having more patience.

Math: We will continue our subtraction unit this week. We will learn key words and strategies to solve subtraction problems. The students love this catchy video about subtracting.

Social Studies: We have been focusing on American Symbols. Last week we began a project in the Learning Commons with Mrs. Kindschy. The students are learning how to take their informational writing and turn it into a digital book. I am excited to share these when we are finished in a few weeks!

Book Character Day

Dear Parents,

You are invited to our Book Character Day, Friday, March 2 from 8:30-9:30.

We are still missing a few of the sheets telling what your child will be dressed as on Friday. If you have yet to send this in, please do so ASAP.

Please make sure you and your child are practicing the oral portion of the report this week.

We will all be reporting on our characters orally and all are very excited to do so!

When you arrive, your child will find you and together you will complete a story book character scavenger hunt.

We will begin giving reports around 8:45. During the reports we will have some light refreshments for you.

Thank you in advance for practicing at home. I know it will be great!