I am truly apologetic to explain that I will not be at school Monday and do not know the exact date I will return. I have a sincere family emergency taking me out of state. It breaks my heart not being with my students during this time, however I am grateful for the wonderful staff at East Side that will ensure that your children will have a wonderful experience during my absence. I will keep you posted as I know more.

Thank you,

Ms. Meeker

Exciting Information

Below is some information to keep in mind regarding next week’s schedule for our graduating fifth graders!

Monday: The fifth grade awards ceremony will be in the morning, hosted in the cafeteria. After the ceremony, if students do not already have on their class T-Shirt, we ask they bring it to change into. We will go to the Fifth Grade Finale after the awards for our fifth graders to share an amazing time together.

Tuesday is early release and board game day! Students are invited to bring in a school appropriate game to play.

Wednesday is early release and the Fifth Grade Honor Walk. Regarding what to bring: 1) No book bags, they are not allowed on the bus 2) A PG movie for the students to vote on 3) Please no food/candy for the students to hand out during the walk 4) Traditionally students hand out a single flower to their past teachers during the walk.

I look forward to making the best of this last week together! Please let me know if I did not address any questions.

Big Day, May 21st

On Monday, May 21st, we have a busy day!  At 8:30, there will be an awards ceremony for fifth grade students.  Then, students will be able to change and we will head to the 5th grade finale celebration outside.  The awards we will be giving out are below.  That way you know if your child will be receiving an award. There are a few other awards that will be given out by specialist teachers from specials or clubs, but this is the general award list.

Perfect Attendance –  No Absences/No Tardies

Superior Attendance – No Absences/3 or Fewer Tardies

A Honor Roll – All A’s All Year – Students may not have U’s in behavior and/or work study habits

A/B Honor Roll – All A/B’s All Year – Students may not have U’s in behavior and/or work study habit

Is it already the end of the year?

Hello Families!

In an effort to keep everyone up to date with our busy schedule, I am posting some dates here to use as a reference:

Tuesday, 5/8/18- Marathon @ 1:00

Thursday, 5/10/18- Field Day and Kickball Game

Friday, 5/11/18- No Target; Vocab Quiz

Monday, 5/14/18- *My math Coordinate Plane Test

Tuesday, 5/15/18- STEM Day

Thursday, 5/17/18- Begin Decades Project (in class project) Presentations

Friday, 5/18/18- Vocab Quiz and last day of Target

Monday, 5/21/18- Fifth Grade Awards and Finale

Tuesday, 5/22/18- Early Release and Memoir Writing Due

Wednesday, 5/23/18- Early Release, Last Day of School, “Fifth Grade Walk”



This Friday is our field trip to Chattanooga! We are all so excited for this experience. Please email me personally if you have any questions regarding the trip (what to bring, lunch, medications, arrival/departure times, etc.) prior to Friday! I want to make sure you have all the information you need before our trip. Thank you!


East Side’s last school wide STEM Day is May 15th.  Our 5th grade students will be doing an awesome activity involving animal family creations.  We are asking that parents donate the following items if they are able:  paper core tubes (toilet paper/paper towel rolls), cardboard, plastic lids (bottle caps), empty metal cans (soda/canned goods), assorted fabric scraps (preferably neutral colored), and plastic bottles (various sizes).  Please send in these recycled items by Monday, May 13th.  Thank you in advance for your help in making our last STEM day a huge success!