Chapter 2 Physical Earth




CH 3 Climate and Weather


Video: Ring of Fire


Wed. Unit 1 Review

Worksheet/review questions

Thurs: Unit 1 Test

Friday: Intro to Unit 2

Culture; What is it?

Case Study of Culture





Monday- Review Ch2 Economic Systems

Chapter 2 Worksheet


Tuesday  Chapter 3

Free Enterprise System    (PowerPoint Notes) Video Clip

Ch3 Study Guide




Wednesday- Review Unit 1

Unit 1 Review:  Link below takes you to text site and review quizzes

Intro into Unit 2  Microeconoimcs


Thurs: Unit 1 Test



Fri- Chapter 4/5

Demand & Supply

EconEdlink: Activity


Econ 1/9 to 1/12

Mon- Ice


Tuesday – Review activity on trade offs


Chapter 1 Study Guide


Wed- Chapter 2 Economic Systems

Chapter 2 Notes and Study Guide


Thurs- Crash course econ video

Graphic organizer on systems- Command, Market, Traditional, Mixed

Fri- Glass factory in Soviet Union Exercise

Quiz Chapter 1 &  2

Geography 11/13-11/17

Mon.- Finish intro to Middle East

-Video clip on Mansa Musa/Ibn Batuta

Physical geography worksheet and activity


Tues. – Ch 22 Arabian Peninsula

Notes/ activity on Mecca and Hajj

5 Pillars of Islam


Wed- Background of Arab/Israeli Conflict

Scholastic Magazine Activity

Thurs/Fri- Promises Video Documentary and worksheet

Palestinian children and Jewish children attempting peace