Mon: Finish Atlas Shrugged

Government pretest

Tues: Intro to government: What is the purpose of government?

John Lock/Thomas Hobbes    State of Nature vs Social Contract/

Notes/Video Clip: Lord of the Flies/

Cooperative Education Activity: “Lost” on an Island

Wed.Government structures:  Democracy, autocracy, etc…

Thurs: Walk thru the Constitution worksheet

Fri: Declaration of Independence and Republic Worksheet

9th World Geography

Mon- Finish Balkans Conflict. Video, worksheet, map analysis.

Tues-Russia; Geography & climate. Notes maps.

Wed.- Russian history: CNN Millennium Catherine the Great

Thurs- Russian map quiz/Video on Ivan the Terrible

Fri- Test Balkans conflict/Russia & Current Event

Economics 10/12-10/16

Monday-  Finish Unit 4 International Econ.  World Bank/Monetary Fund

Tuesday- Unit 4 Test   International Econ terms, comparative advantage, exchange rates

Wed-PSAT  ( No 2nd period)  3rd- Personal Finance and computer lab

Thurs- Personal Finance and computer lab (USATESTPREP)

Fri- Personal Finance and computer lab  (USATESTPREP)

EOC Milestone next Tuesday and Wednesday