Government 11-16 to 11-20

Monday-  Unit I Test

Finish DBQ on Federalists and Anti-Fedralists

Tuesday-Intro Unit II Bill of Rights/Civil Liberties

ICIVICS: Cooperative Education Activity

“You’ve Got Rights”

You’ve Got Rights_2


Wednesday:  1st Amendment: Freedom of Religion

Current Event Case Study: Prayer in School

Thursday:   1st Amendment: Freedom of Speech

Computer lab:   Sunnylands Civics Games

Case Study Activity : Tinker vs Des Moines

Friday:    Bill of Rights Quiz

Supreme Court Case Studies




World Geography

Mon- Finish movie Hildalgo

Tuesday: Apply the elements of culture and themes of geography from movie.

Religion chart

History: Ibn Batuta, Mansa Musa, Jerusalem

Wednesday: Case study Jerusalem

Arab/Israeli conflict  : Scholastic Magazine Activity

Thurs: Video Arab/Israeli conflict

Friday: Test

Government 11-9 to 11-13

Mon– Constitutional Convention

ICIVICS Activity: Wanted A Just Right Government

Computer Lab: Take the worlds smallest political quiz

Tuesday: Federalists vs Anti-Fedralists

We the People: Lesson 16 & ICIVICS Activity

Wed: Federalists (Madison, Hamilton, Jaye)

We the People: Lesson #17

Thurs- Anti-Federalists: (Henry, Adams, Mason)

We The People Lesson #18

Fri: How the Consitution organized the new government & risa of political parties

We The People Lesson #19 & 20