World Geography

Mon- Wrap up Africa

Atlas Activity Asia

Map Asia

Tuesday: Geography Asia/ Atlas Activity

Wed: SLO Test

Asia Physical Geography: Notes and Worksheet

Thurs:  Culture Asia

Activity on Asian Culture

Fri: Asia

Brief history of Asia: Notes and Worksheet


Mon- CNN Student news

Lou Holtz Video

ICIVICS Activity: Congress in a Flash

Tues:   CNN Student News

ICIVICS Activity:  Executive Branch

Wed: CNN Student News

ICIVICS: All in A Days Work: Office of teh PResident

Thursday: CNN Student news

ICIVICS Activity: Supreme Court in A Flash


Fri-    Test 3 Branches

Know your representative activity



World Geography

Mon- South and Eastern Africa

Pg 448 Map builder, Pg 452 (1-4), Pg 454 map builder, Pg 457 (1-4)

Video clips- Zulu, Apartheid, Hutus & Tutsis

Tuesday: Colonialism and independence in Africa: Notes

Wed- Map Quiz West Africa

Apartheid, Nelson Mandella

Thurs-  Map Quiz   Central and East Africa

Apartheid continued

Video: Invictus

Fri: Invictus

Map Quiz: South Africa


Monday- 1st Amendment: Freedom of Religion

Case studies on current issues with 1st Amendment

Tuesday-  1st Amendment: Assembly, Petition, Media

Case studies on 1st Amendment/Worksheets

Wed- Civil War Amendments 13,14,15


Thurs- Rights of the Accused

Amendments 4,5,6,7,8-   Worksheets

Fri- Video: 12 Angry Men