Geography Feb 29-Mar 4

Mon-   Map quiz Latin America

Early civilizations of Mesoamerica

Computer lab

Tuesday: Mesoamerican civilizations

Computer lab

Wed.     DBQ   Inca Empire


Thurs:  Current Issues Latin America

Amazon Jungle and deforestation

Fri: Current Issues Latin America

Political and economic challenges

Venezuela (Case Study)

Econ Feb 29-Mar 4

Monday:  Chapter 13 Unemployment / Inflation

CNN Student news

Guided Notes/PowerPoint

Tuesday: Chapter 14 Taxes

CNN Student News

Guided notes/PowerPoint

w4 Easy Form tax activity

Wednesday: Chapter 15 Fiscal poliiciy

Classical Economics vs Keynesian

Compare/Contrast Activity

Supply side economics/Reagan

Thursday: Chapter 15 Debt

Intro Chapter 16 Monetary Policy

Fri: Test Chapter 12,13,14,15

Monetary Policy Worksheet

Geography 2/22-2/26

Mon- People Search Latin America/Cooperative Learning

Intro to Latin America

Tues:  Atlas Activity Central/South America

Wed: Geography and maps of South America/Central America

Computer Lab: Sheppard Software Activity

Thurs:  Notes/Powerpoint : Geography,climate, vegeatation

Fri: Map Quiz & Globe Trekker Video


Geography Feb 8-12

Monday- Finish Atlas Activity on north America

PowerPoint- North American climate/vegetation

Tuesday- Comparative governments   US-Canada

History of US/Canada

Wed- Economies/Culture comparison US/Canada

Thurs- Regions of US/Canada- Current Issues

Fri- Travel brochure Canada




World Geography Feb 1- Feb 5

Mon- Finish city planning project

Review for Unit II Test

Tues- Unit II Test (Cultural Geography)

Wed- Intro to North America

People Search Activity and Maps

Sheppard Software in computer lab

Thurs- PowerPoint and discussion on geography of North America

Fri- Canada Worksheets

Globetrekker Canada