Government 3/28-4/1

Mon :  Purpose of government worksheet

We The People Lesson #2 Worksheet


Tuesday: Declaration of Independence

Purpose and Importance

We the People Lesson # 11


Wednesday:  Quiz; Unit 1

Influences on American Gov


Magna Carta


Thursday:      Early American government

Articles of Confederation

We the People Worksheet


Friday: Beginnings of Constitutional Convention

Sunnylands Civics Webquest





Geography 3/28

Mon-  CNN Student News

CNN Millineum Ghengis Khan/Kanut Viking

Regions of Europe Worksheet pg 289-379


Tues- History of Europe/Russia


Video: Ivan the Terrible

Wed-Map Quiz

Intro to Balkans Region

Case Study / Cultural maps of Balkans

Thurs- Computer lab: Balkans region activity

Fri: Computer lab: Balkans confilct


Monday- Atlas Shrugged/Ayn Rand

Tuesday: Finish Atlas Shrugged:  Video Questions

Wed. Intro to Gov. Survivor Island Activity

We the People Lesson 1

Thurs: Hobbes vs Locke/Montesquieu

Political philosophy worksheet and discussion

Fri- Declaration of Independence/Thomas Jefferson

Youtube video and dissection of Declaration of Independence.

Geography 3/21-3/25

Monday- Intro to Europe

People Search and Europe Political Map

Tuesday- Atlas Activity Europe   (worksheet)

Wednesday- Atlas Activity Europe  (worksheet)

Thurs-    Climate/Vegetation of Europe:  PowerPoint

Fri-  European Festivals – lab activity




How Is the Olympic Host City Chosen? – TIME,8599,1927402,00.html

2. How Olympic Locations Are Chosen | Go for the Gold Student Activity




3. List of Olympic Games host cities – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

4. How to Become a Host City for the Olympics

World Geography 3/14 to 3/18

Mon: Amazon River Basin

Video/finish lab activity

Tues- Brazil Case Study on Olympics and future.

Wed_ Brazil Continued: Poverty and Political Challenges

Thurs: intro to Europe

People Search Activity

Fri: Geography and landscape of Europe

Atlas Activity

Sheppardsoftward map activity in computer lab