Mon- Bill of Rights Test

Tuesday- Civil Liberites

1st Amendment- Speech

Sunnylands Civics games: Tinker vs Des Moines

Wed.        1st Amendment- Religion

Thurs:  1st Amendment: Petition/assembly/press

Fri:  Current Supreme Court Cases

Current event




MON- Finish Walk Thru Constitution

Federalists vs Anti-Federalists

Tuesday- Bill of Rights

ICIVICS- Do I have a right activity

WED- Bill of Rights Quiz

1 Amendment : Notes and Discussion

Thursday- Modern Day Amendments

Fir- Civil War Amendments

We The People Worksheet Activity




MON- SW Asia Atlas Activity

Map of SW Asia


Case study of Oil in Middle East

Econ Activity

WED: Religion Quiz

Case Study on Fundamentalism

Thurs:  Islam and the Kingdom


Fri: Case Study Arab Israeli Conflict

Scholastic Viewpoint:  Conflict as seen through the eyes of Israeli  and Palestinian teens.

Compare and contrast viewpoints

Maps of Israel 1945-2016

Government 4/11 to 4/15

Monday : Declaration of Independence

We the People Lesson 9 Worksheet

Tuesday: Articles of Confedration

PowerPoint & We The People Lesson 11 Worksheet

Wednesday: Constitutional Convention

Sunnylands Civics game activity

Thursday: Federalist/AntiFederalists

Virginia Plan vs new Jersey Plan

We The People Lesson 13

Friday: Walk Through The Constitution Activity

Worksheet on Constituiton




Geography 4/11 to 4/15

Mon- Russia and the Republics

Fact finder/  Political map /  Notes:PowerPoint

Tues- Russia History

Guided notes/ dinner with Catherine the Great

CNN Millineum

Ivan the Terrible Video

Wed- Break up Of Soviet Union and today

Current event Russia

Thurs- People Search & Intro to Middle East

Political /Physical Map Activity

Fri- atlas Activity: Middle East