Monday      Test- Branches of Gov

Citizenship test/ final preview


Tues-     Electoral College Article/Discussion


Wed-        Anatomy of Constitution Worksheet


Thurs- Final Review


Friday- Final

Geography 5/9-5/13

Mon- Apartheid and South Africa


Tues: Invictus: Apartheid and 21st Century

Wed: Asia

People Search/Map of Asia

Thurs:  Atlas Activity Asia

Nystrom desk atlas activity

Fri: Ring of Fire Activity

Asia Geography/climate

Govt 5/2 to 5/6

Mon- Freedom of Press

Tues- Civil Rights movement and civil liberties

Wed- Quiz Civil Liberties (1st Amendment)

Thurs- Intro to Branches of Government and separation of powers

ICIVICS:  Congress in a Flash Packet

Fri: Executive Branch

ICIVICS Activities ( A Very Big Branch/ Day in Life of President)




Geography 5/2 to 5/6

MON-   Atlas Activity (finish)

PowerPoint- Physical and cultural Africa

Tues- Current Event Africa:  CNN & article

WED- Hotel Rwanda   Focus on ethic conflicts and effects of colonialism.

Thurs-  Modern Africa/Apartheid

Reading & questions

Fri- Invictus/Apartheid

Biography on Nelson Madella