Current Issues

Monday: CNN News

News recap of weekend

PowerPoint- Climate change


Tuesday:  Library

Googles Nature

3D exploration of National Parks


Wednesday: Article Review Climate Change

Discussion on climate change vs global warming


Thurs & Fri: Video

Inconvenient Truth

Fact vs Fiction discussion

Econ 8/29 to 9/2

Mon- Role of Prices


EOC Coach Review- Supply/Demand


Tues- Test Chapter 4,5,6

Market Structures Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Graphic Organized Market Structures


Wednesday- Chapter 7 Continued

Chapter 8 Business Organizations

Cooperative Education

Thursday-   Franchising Activity

Computer Lab


Friday-   Quiz   Chapter 7-8

Intro to Macroeconomics/Notes


Book site  for pre-test

Current Issues 8/22-8/26

Mon: Gun Bill presentations

CNN Student News

Tues: Lecture/discussion on 2nd Amendment

Article review on gun control

Wed:  Quiz on 2nd Amendment

Wrap up gun debate

Thurs: Intro to immigration

What is immigration?

Why do people immigrate?

History of immigration in US

Fri:   Immigration: Ellis Island exhibit

Angle Island

History Channel Activity


Economics 8/22-8/26

Mon:  Elasticity of Demand  Chapter 4 Section 3

Worksheet and calculations of elasticity.

HW: Ch 4 study guide

Intro to Ch.5 Supply

Tues. Chapter 5 Supply


HW- Chapter 5 Study Guide

Wed: Chapter 5

Supply: Marginal cost/revenue/production decisions

Bean bag activity.


Thurs:  Supply & Demand Equlibrium

Graphing equilibrium


Fri.   Test Chapters 4&5

Stossel Video





Monday: Test Unit I

Chapter 3 Study Guide

Safety nets: Good vs Bad

Foxnews video: Jason and food stamps


Tuesday:  Chapter 3 Public vs Private Goods

Intro to Unit 2


Chapter 4&5 study guide


Wednesday: Chapter 3 quiz

Chapter 6

Supply & Demand

Graphing Supply & Demand

EconEDlink Activity: Silly bands fad

Thurs: Shifts in Supply and Demand


Chapter 6 Study Guide


Fri: Prices and Black Markets

Discussion and activity on black markets

John Stossel Video



Current Issues

Mon : Video: Runaway Jury

Debate over gun issues and liabilty

Vocab terms

Tues: Video: Runaway

Debate over gun issues and liability

Vocab terms

Wed: Debate group presntation

Thurs: Debate group presentation

Friday- Quiz over 2nd Amendment

2nd Amendment article review




Mon- News Review

-Finish Greed video

– Intro to Chapter 2 Economic Systems

-Soviet  Glass factory activity

Tues- Quiz Review from last week

-Chapter 2 Study Guide

-Karl Marx vs Adam Smith

Wed- SGM student pretest

Chapter 3- Free Enterprise System

Chapter 3 Study Guide

Review for Unit 1 Test

Thurs- Unit I Test

Intro to Unit II Microeconomics

Fri-  Chapter 4 Demand

EconEDlilnk Activity

Stossel- Is America #1