Mon: CNN News

Quiz Ch12/CH13

How to calculate unemployment rate

Ch 13 Notes/Inflation & Poverty

Inflation Worksheet

Tues: Ch 14 Taxes

Notes/Discussion on taxes

Worksheet on taxes-1040 EZ form

Wed: Mandatory vs Discretionary Spending

State & Local Spending Worksheet

Thurs: Ch 15 Fiscal Policy


Fri. Ch 13/14 Test

Intro to Federal Reserve and Monetary Policy





Econ 9/12 to 9/16

Mon. CNN News & 9/11

Chapter 12 GDP, Business Cycles,

Guided Notes & Business Cycles


Tuesday- Finish Chapter 12

What factors impact business cycles the greatest?


Wednesday: Chapter 13 Economic Challenges

Unemployment Activity: Cooperative education in groups

Thursday: Chapter 13 Inflation

Inflation Activity: Federal Reserve



Friday: Stossel Video

Chapter 12/13 Quiz

Ch 14 Section 1 taxes notes


Current issues 9/12 to 9/16

Monday-CNN News  &  9/11

Finish Day After Tomorrow Video

Tuesday: Foxnews Article  1/10 of Earth habitat destroyed last 2 decades.

Article Review

Wednesday:  Special Interest Groups

Sierra Club


Thursday:   Presidential Candidates and Environment

Compare and contrast points on environment.


Friday: CNN News

Week Review of news

Amazon River Basin


Current Issues: Global Warming