Mon: We the People Lesson 1

John Locke & State of Nature

Group Activity:  Survivor Island


Tues: Chapter 1 People and Government

PowerPoint/Discussion Chapter 1

Principles of Government

We The People Lesson 2

Wed: Chapter 1 Government Structures & Types


Sections 2-3

We the People Lesson 3& 4

Thurs: Chapter 2- Origins of American Government

Declaration of Independence Video

Analysis of Declaration of Independence

We the People Lesson 6 & 9

Fri: Walk Thru the Constitution Worksheet

Analysis and breakdown of structure of US Constitution




Current Issues 10/24-10-28

Mon: CNN Student News

Finish 5th Quarter

Discussion about choices and challenges

Tues: CNN Student news

1st Amendment

Right to Petition

Right of Assembly

Wed:CNN Student News

Article Review

Review of 1st Amendment

Thurs: CNN Student news

Into to Politics Unit

Fri: Test 1st Amendment Rights

Article Review: 2016 Election





Mon: EOC


Wednesday: PSAT

No 2nd Period

3rd Period : CNN News

Election /Campaign Review


Thurs: Intro to Gov

Pretest: Computer lab

Video Clips

Discussion on purpose of Gov


Fri: Is America the Greatest Country in the World?

Video Clip : Newroom

Brad paisley Song

Survivor Island Activity-

We the People Lesson 1




Current Issues

Monday- CNN news

Discussion Freedom of Religion


Tuesday-Freedom of Religion

CNN News

Free Exercise Doctrine

Court Case

Wed- No Class



Thurs; CNN News

Establishment Clause

Court Case- Seattle Coach case


Friday Video






Mon: Personal Finance

Chapter 11 Notes

Textbook activity on banking

USA Test Prep- EOC Review

Tues:  Ch 11 Personal Finance- Notes

Investing Worksheet

EOC Review

Wed. Test Chapter 10 & 11

Inro Chapter 17/18

Notes- Comparative and Absolute Advantage

Thurs Chapter 17/18

Foreign exchange rate activity

EOC Review

Fri. Ch 17-18 Test

EOC Review


Current Issues Oct 10-14

Mon-  Freedom of speech in schools.

Computer activity: Tinker v Des Moines

CNN News Review


Tues: Freedom of Religion in schools

Supreme Court Case Review


Wed: Freedom of Religion continued

Video & Discussion

Thurs: Censorship & Media

John Stossel Video

Fri: Video

Test- First Amendment