Government 11/28-12/2

Mon: CNN News

Review of Unit

Begin New Jersey vs Virginia Plan


Tues: Constitutional Convention

NJ vs Virginia Plan


Wed:  Federalist Papers

Federalists vs Anti-Federalists

Thurs: Debate on Constitution

Issues today with Constitution


Fri: Test

Stossel Video


Current Issues 11/28-12/2

Monday: CNN Student news

News Review of Week

Article Review: Library


Tuesday:  Intro to X Files Unit

Video Clip on Conspiracy theories

Overview of project


Wednesday:  Popular/Current conspiracires

Video Clips

Article Review


Thurs: Library –  Conspiracy theory research

Fri: Video




Mon: Finish worksheet on English influences on American Gov.

We The People Worksheet

Tues: Articles of Confederation

Discussion PowerPoint

Sunnylands Civics Web activity

Wed: Constitutional Convention

We The People Worksheet

Sunnylnads Civics Web Activity

Virginia Plan vs New Jersy Plan

Thurs: Federalists vs Anit-Federalist

We The People Worksheet


Fri:  Ratification Process

Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights Pretest



Current Issues

Mon:  Election 2016

CNN News

News Review & Preview of election day.

Video: Atlas Shrugged


Tuesday: Election Day

No School


Wednesday:  Election Results

Article Review of elections and results.

Finish ; Atlas Shrugged


Thurs:  Electoral College Activity

Is there a better solution?  Argumentative paper.


Fri.  CNN News

News review of week

Finish paper.


Government 10/31-11/4

Mon: Walk thru Constitution worksheet

Tues: State of Nature Discussion

Cell phone laws and society

Distribute and go over sample ballot for next weeks election

Wed: Chapter 1 Notes

Forms of government & philosophies of government

Worksheet on government types and countries

Fri:Class debate

Democracy:  Positives vs negatives

Video and case study of Electoral College




Current Issues

Mon: Election Breakdown.

Article Worksheet: Candidates and issues


Tues:  Sample Ballot

Review sample ballot and introduce idea of Electoral College

First Amendment Test tomorrow


Wed: CNN News/News Review

1st Amendment Test

Realclearpolitics & Red vs Blue States worksheet


Thurs:  Donald Trump

Candidate survey/research


Fri: Hillary Clinton

Candidate survey/research