Government 12/12 to 12/16

Mon-   Test Civil Liberties

Tues: ICIVICS:  Congress in A Flash

Worksheet: Legislative branch

PBS Video Clips

Wed: ICIVICS Executive Branch


PBS Video Clips

Thurs: ICIVICS Judicial Brach

Worksheet on Supreme Court

PBS Video Clips


Friday: Test 3 Branches


Separation of Powers



Mon- Civil Liberties/Bill of Rights

Notes & Overview

Morse v Frederich case review


Tuesday:  Computer Lab

Sunnylands Civics Activity

Tinker v Des Moines

Focus Freedom of Religion

Free Exercise Clause & Establishment Clause

Current Issues concerning area

Wed: Rights of the Accused

Video clips : Search and seizure issues


Thurs:  Bill of Rights Review

2,3, 9,10


Fri- Bill of Rights Test