Econ 2/27-3/2

Mon-  Ch 13 Unemployment & Inflation & Poverty

Notes/Discussion worksheet


Tuesday- Chapter 14 Taxes

PowerPoint/Discussion taxes

Worksheet on taxes

Federal taxes & Spending


Wed- Chapter 15

Fiscal Policy- Group activity

Worksheet and notes on  economic theories


Thurs- Monetary Policy

Video on Federal Reserve

Fed Chairman simulation: computer lab


Fri-  Monetary policy worksheet

Review: Monetary policy vs Fiscal policy

Jeopardy game.






Geography 2/13-2/17

Mon- Intro to North America

People Search Activity

Map of North America


Tues-Geography of North America

Land-forms and regions


Wed- Unit 2 Test

Video- Landforms/provinces of Canada

Thurs- North America

Worksheets on Canadian Govt

Fri.- Computer lab

Travel brochure Canada


Econ 2/13-2/17

Monday- Finish Ch7/Ch 8

Market structures/business orgnaizations

Tues- Intro to Macroeconomics Ch 12

GDP/Business Cycles

Group activity and charts


Wed- Ch 13

Economic Challenges




Thurs.  Test Unit 2

Ch 13 inflation


Fri- Ch 13



Stossel Video


Mon:  My Culture Actvity

Computer lab: culture collage

Tues: Culture Collage Activity


Wed. Review of Culture

Video on Culture/Animals


Thurs: Intro to North America

People Search Activity

Political/Physical Map North America


Fri: Test on Culture Unit II


Econ 2/6 to 2/10

Mon:  Market Decisions Worksheet

Superbowl Review: Adverstising

Tues: Chapter 6 Supply & Demand Curves

Equlibrium Point/surplus/shortage

Computer Lab: Lemonade stand game

Wed: Chapter 7 Market Structures

Cooperative Education Groups

Market Structures graphic organizer

Thursday: Ch 7 Continued/Chapter 8 Business Organizations

Computer lab

Partnerships/Sole Proprietorships/Corporations

Ch 8 Study Guide

Fri: Review Chapter 7/8

Franchise Activity Computer Lab