Mon: Latin America Presentaitons

Tues: Latin America Presentations

Wed: Latin America Presentations

Thurs: Map Quiz Latin America

Intro to Europe Unit

People Search Activity


Fri:  Europe Maps & Geography

Computer Lab: Sheppard Software Geography Activity



Government 3/27-3/31

Mon: CNN News

We The People Lesson 1

Group Activity:  State of Nature

Locke vs Hobbes

Worksheet & Questions


Tues:  Chapter 1 & 2


Forms of Governmenet

We the People Lesson #2

Why Have a Government Worksheet


Wed: Early influences on American Government & Declaration of Independence

We the People Exerecise

Video Clip on Declaration of Independence


Thurs:  Articles of Confederation

Analyze Articles of Confederation

Groups: Strengths and weaknesses of Articles


Fri:  Constitutional Convention

Webquest Activity: Sunnylands Civics Games

Analyze New Jersey Plan vs Virginia Plan

We the People Activity






Mon: Finish Indiana Jones Crystal Skull

Tues:  Intro Latin America Report

Library: Research Latin America topic


Wed:  Research for project report

Thurs: Presentations

Fri: Presentations




Mon/Tues:  EOC Testing

Wed: Intro to Gov.

Newsroom video clip.

Group activity: Purpose of government.

Thurs:  We the People Activity 1

Survivor Island Activity

John Locke & State of Nature

Fri:  Chapter 1 Notes & Discussion

Government types and forms of government

Chapter 1 Section Review

Geography 3/13-3/17

Monday: Lab

Caribbean Country Profile

Mexico: Pg 217-221



Early civilizations

Lab: Research  Aztecs/Incas/Mayas

Conquistadors and European influence.


Wednesday :  Video Clips Incas/Aztecs/Mayas

Article: What happened to the Mayas?


Thurs/Fri: Nazca Lines

Conspiracy Theories: Aliens and early civilizations

Indiana Jones and Crystal Skull

Article: Nazca Lines




Econ 3/13-3/17


Lab: USATEST Prep Review for EOC

Chapter 10 Banking Worksheet


Activity: Simple vs Compound interest

Pg 510 Banking institutions



Lab: USATEST Pre; EOC REview

Chapter 11- Investments

PG 506 in text (Saving and Investing)


Wed. Chapter 17 Quiz

Lab: Eoc Review

Pg 524 Buying Insurance

Premium. deductible, shared risk concept

Thurs. Lab Eoc Review

Pg 512 Credit and Debt

Practice EOC- 2011 published test


Fri. EOC Review





Geography 3/6-3/10

Mon- People Search Latin America

Cooperative Ed activity


Tues-   Maps and geography of Latin America

Wed- Maps and Geography Latin America

Computer Lab: Sheppard software


Thurs:  PowerPoint/

Vegetation and climate Latin America

Worksheet: Climate


Fri:  Computer lab activity

Amazon exploration